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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I walk the dogs on the Mt Pleasant golf course at 6 each day, parking along Bargate Road. Last Friday a white Toyota Vitz parked behind me with two gentleman in the car. They stayed in the car, behind my vehicle, for the duration of the walk and only moved off when I approached the vehicle with the dogs. Today the driver arrived a bit early and had walked onto the course' he was wearing a suit. I moved my car to the main car park and when I came out, after the walk, he was parked on the side of the road outside the gate. I decided to follow him for a bit to try and get some identification  The vehicle has no number plates but two stickers on the back right of the car. One says something like upforeward, the other is a red and white sticker I think for an airline. They are obviously up to no good and so if anyone sees them be wary. I have an old beat up Sunny so probably could be perfect for a getaway car etc
Hi Mike, l watched a silver vehicle hit a dog on the Borrowdale Road this afternoon. The driver did not attempt to slow down nor did they have any intention to stop & help the injured dog. After the vehicle hit the dog, the dog slid to the side of the road. The dog was yelping & could not get up. I was on the opposite side of the road & vehicles were going very fast & it was raining & the person behind me was hooting at me when l slowed down. In a mad panic I phoned a friend who lives close to where the dog was lying. She went & looked for the injured dog with the help of a member of staff from the 24 hour Vet on Second Street. Sadly the dog died in my friend’s car. It was an awful thing to watch. How can you be so heartless & just keep driving when you have injured a creature? It would've taken 15 minutes max to get the dog to a vet. A huge thanks to the 24 Hour Vet for assisting us with this traumatic ordeal this afternoon. Regards. Anita
People must realise that street kids are ‘pimped’ by men who use them to collect money.  I have seen this with my own eyes in Marondera where I was there late one afternoon and watched the kids handing over their days takings to a well dressed man who then put them all into a van and drove them away.  I’ve noticed that these kids are not ‘starving’ by any means and are pretty healthy looking if you look past their outward appearance.  I’ve also seen them swear at well meaning people when they are handed food instead of money….. It’s a known fact that begging is a lucrative business and more so when you use children…

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