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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kariba and badly behaved childfren

These comments about the kids at Kariba over the past week are very disturbing and we, as a society, need to implement measures to change the mind set of kids worldwide. – Similar things happen in Australia every year at their “Schoolies” week after exams finish. The worrying thing for us it that these same kids will probably carry on with this drinking culture in Harare for the rest of the school holidays – hence our urgent need for them to start using taxis when socialising and prevent them taking the family car out to impress their mates / girlfriends etc – Mike G
We were aboard a houseboat Monday and Tuesday. On arrival at Palm Bay we were greeted by a disgusting mess of floating bottles, chip packets, plastic bags and discarded fruit etc. Two St Johns College (Johannesburg) boys who were with us were astonished at this total disregard for the environment, including animals that might choke on the rubbish. The same boys filled two large black bin liners with the garbage immediately around the boat. The crew were appalled. Yesterday on our journey home, as we awaited the passing of a house boat down the Kariba road, we were surrounded by the sight of boys and girls some of whom were clearly not old enough to have been drinking legally, cavorting about in a feral manner dressed in the bare minimum of clothing and generally exuding a disgusting level of arrogance. None greeted us in the way we have come to know from Zim school kids. Sadly sparing the rod in our once great schools has evidently spoilt the child. The parents of these children will be ashamed at this disgusting behaviour and trust that Marineland and the houseboat owners who profit from these ventures will engage in responsible charter policy in future, including the banning supply of alcohol to minors and prosecuting those who purchase it on their behalf.

This nonsense needs to be nipped in the bud now. Can the culprits be named and shamed, so that the boats that were genuine and behaved are not held responsible. My son is on an O level boat and although is only back today I would like to think he was not a part of any of this.
I note the comment below about the kids using fire crackers on Antelope Island. I was one of the parents on board one of those boats, luckily I was not present on the 4th of December as we left the party and travelled home that day. However, the second night (2nd Dec) we were in Palm Bay, and I was utterly disgusted with the amount of litter that the kids left not only on shore, but in the water the next morning. I personally got off the boat with my kids and crew members and started to collect the litter which I might add also consisted of several broken bottles. Sadly only a HANDFUL of kids from the surrounding boats came to help us, the rest had the attitude of "it's not my problem". I asked a couple of the boys to get on their tender boat and collect the rubbish out the water which we could not reach and they did, however they missed the plastic water bottles that had been blown further down by the wind. I would also like to add at this point, that both crew members and parents on ALL the other boats did nothing but watch us! Our last night we had in Nayodza, but left early morning to get back to harbour & travel back to Harare so did not see how much rubbish was left behind there, however during the early hours of the morning a group of young boys that were moored next to thought it incredibly funny to throw eggs at our boat. Not only did we, but our captain also had to shout at them to stop. The next morning that boat moved off early without any word of apology to us, without any repercussion to the boys on board!

It is such a privilege life style that we have here that we can afford to take our children on such an extreme party trip, but there are responsibilities that come with it too. Very sad to see that parents and children were not interested in looking after their heritage for the future generations to come!
hope that the kids on those houseboats and the houseboat owners, were heavily fined for their actions. maybe they will think next time.

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