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Sunday, December 16, 2012


If I may I would like to add my small contribution to the comments that have been coming in regarding the unruly behavior of Zim teenagers whilst on their O level break. My wife and I were asked to chaperone 12 teenagers who were going to Mozambique for their O level break, as you can imagine I was very hesitant after reading all the comments of the teenagers behavior in Kariba but we decided to go anyway. I can tell you that each and every one of these teenagers acted in a manner that would have made their parents proud, they were always polite and courteous and never once gave us a problem, they always picked up after themselves and made sure that their area was always tidied. There was drinking on this trip but each teenager conducted themselves in the correct manner and not once did any of them get out of hand or rowdy to the point of being unruly. Throughout the whole trip there was one broken glass which I witnessed and can confirm that it was a total accident. This trip showed me that teenagers can have a lot of fun without getting out of hand and a lot of this stems from their upbringing and I can see that these particular teenagers have had a very good disciplined one that has taught them good morels. I would not hesitate to chaperone the same caliber of teenagers again
Just thought it would be good to confirm a very similar incident on the same afternoon with this bunch of crooks. They signed into our housing complex at Dolphin Sqaure under the name Martin and Peter claiming to be Makandiwa's brother. To the one house they were selling insurance, to the other they were on church business. Their vehicle had the following number plate ANC 0860. They were passing around bumper stickers with the flowing detail: 20 Parust, 3rd floor, Park House, Harare. Cel 0773371777/0773275230.
The third guy, a young man in his twenties managed to make his way into the house whilst our maids attention had been stolen by the other two crooks. Twenty dollars went missing from a wallet and they had gone through my stuff in the house. I strongly suggest that if people feel the need to help someone (strangers) in 'distress' that they shouldn't allow them beyond the gate.
In response to the ZESA pre paid meters - PLEASE be careful - I had some guys visiting my property about 2 months ago, saying they were ZESA and had been sent to change the meter outside and INSIDE!  I don't have a meter inside! I wasn't at home but my staff know never to let anyone in unless instructed by me.  I reported this in person to ZESA Borrowdale, but it was quite a procedure to ascertain whether anyone had been instructed to go to my property or not so I left without finding out.  The man I spoke to said ALL ZESA WORKERS CARRY ZETDC ID'S.  Please ensure they show this and if you are still not sure, phone Borrowdale office and check they are employed there before you let them in.  These guys will try absolutely anything.  Strange thing was they were apparently in an old ZESA vehicle but what alerted me was it was 3pm on a Saturday afternoon.
The other day this little boy was actually doing cart wheels next to and in front of my car at the Lomugundi and King George Lights in peak traffic on his own well his parents were sitting on the other side of the road. Really this should not be allowed and the police should stop this happening and Child Line should be aware of this. This is abuse of children using them to beg
We live in a retirement center and need to please warn people of a well dressed man standing by watching ZESA employees unload the new meters from parked truck and giving  the impression of being in charge. He is a  well dressed “Gentleman”  was desperate to use my toilet.  I was  distracted  by the ZESA employee. The well dressed “gentleman”  then left and I  could not find my purse. He returned on the pretext of leaving his cell phone behind. I saw him touch my handbag which was on a chair and I could see my purse returned. When I questioned him he pushed his way outside and of course all my money was gone. I was told this happened at another retirement center as well. I was under the impression he was with ZESA but apparently not. PLEASE be warned that this is happening and do not let anyone into your home unless you are sure of their credentials even then DO NOT leave them alone for a second it happens so quickly.

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