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Sunday, December 16, 2012


Your readers should be aware that although the Transport Owners Association won their case against fire extinguishers & triangles, the government immediately appealed, therefore law stays in place until outcome of the appeal.
Well done to all who took part in the Chirundu Clean Up.  We encourage more Groups, schools, and organisations to get involved.   There is information on the Environment Africa website about how to join the Clean Up Zimbabwe campaign which has been running since 1993 and How to organise a Clean Up.  Join now and become part of the Clean Up Zimbabwe movement.  look under campaigns.
Motor Vehicles - New type reflective “honeycomb” strips  - Although a standard engineering grade of tape has been accepted for many years, Statutory Instrument 154 of 2010, refers to honeycomb grade being required. The ZRP started enforcing this requirement earlier this year. We can assist you with honeycomb tape, 50mm wide in amber, white and red. the price is $5-00/metre and pro-rata thereafter. – Sean Quinlan – Big Sky
BEWARE: Yesterday (12/12/12) at about 1200 hrs  3 or 4 well dressed men forced their way into a property in Greystone park. They said they were from Econet and wanted to look for a site for a cell mast but when challenged for their ID by the owner they retreated in a hurry leaving in a white Nissan.

Then at about 1430, 3 or 4 men asked a property owner in Vainona to buy some goods from him, he went to show one man the goods while a second distracted the wife by trying to buy some plants and at the same time a third man entered the house and investigated the office. Thankfully the servant saw what was happening and raised the alarm at which point all 3 left the property in a hurry also leaving in a white Nissan.
LESSON LEARNT do not allow ANYBODY on to your property unless you are sure you know them, speak to them through the gate and ask for ID.
I have been in contact with ZESA today and they have advised me that they are connecting everyone to the pre-paid meters so basically you will have to wait until they come and start working in your area. I did ask when they expected to be finished with setting everyone up and they cannot give a specific date.
On my way to work and home again, I pass a fair number of street kids (I can’t say if they are homeless or not), most of them with adults (usually looking handicapped in one way or another), but my biggest shock is that there is one kid at the King George and Lomagundi Road intersection, who is tiny, he cant be older than 4 or 5, he can barely see over my driver window (I drive a mazda demeo).  The really scary part is the way drivers drive, esp. the bigger cars and commuter omnibuses – well I just pray that he does not get run over... he is that small – even though he is leading an adult from car to car.  Avondale shopping centre is another place where there are really young kids hanging around – usually the mothers are somewhere under a tree somewhere in the car park, but these kids just about hang onto cars by the robots, how none of them have been run over is also scary.  I guess what my question is – is there not something to be done to get these small kids off the road?  And the 2nd question is what happens the driver that (God forbid) knocks into one of these kids, even if the child was in the wrong (as in standing so close to the car, not moving out the way, holding onto the wing mirror – not moving not matter what you say...).

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