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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Comments on Nightclubs in the Village

Hi Mike, I was urged by friends of mine to let you know so others can be warned that on Saturday night around 7.30 two thieves with revolvers burst into my lounge and tied my 16 year old son and myself up and stole money, cell phones and few others bits and pieces.  We had just arrived home and because I was on crutches with a leg injury I hobbled into the lounge and forgot to mention to my son to lock the back door behind us.  We live in Alexander Park
Mike would love to let you know the other day while driving home we were behind an ambulance that was turning into the medical rooms near Arundel Office park and the passenger of the ambulance before turning in threw out an empty beer can... Does this mean ambulances are now taking on passengers and letting them drink or was this an EMT drinking on the job??? Very appalling
I am sending you the number of the municipal police in charge of noise control to pass on  – 751896. We have the same problem with open-air churches in Milton Park, with a total lack of response from the ZRP.  A few Sundays ago, I phoned the municipal police and since then the situation seems to be better.
Harare Water Talk – Mukuvisi  - Perhaps I should comment that Chris Magadza is a fantastic speaker, and so knowledgeable, the man has a brilliant brain – I wish I could be in Harare for this…………….I know him from the time he was Director of the Lake Kariba University Research Station.
I would like to bring to light an incident that happened to my daughter on Friday night at H2O . At approximately 2.45 in the early hours of Saturday Morning my daughter was waiting outside H20 to be picked up by her father. She then phoned me a few minutes later crying and terrified as there was a group of young Indian males who were pulling at her and telling her that they were going to take her to a hotel and rape her. I could hear everything they were saying as I was trying to keep her calm on the other end of the phone. My husband arrived and as he pulled into the car park one of these men who had been the main instigator ran off and hid behind the rest of the group. My husband got out of the car and went across to speak to them , but found himself surrounded by a very aggressive arrogant bunch of what I will call rich spoilt kids . There was  a Coloured  guy with a shaved head who was standing right behind my husband shouting you don’t know who you are messing with. They warned him that they were armed with guns and knives  and very big deal and seemed untouchable . Being a bit out of his depth as being the only person surrounded by a bunch of 15 plus rabid alcohol or drug  induced idiots my husband left to  get back in the car. Throughout this whole episode there were two police officers who just walked away as well as a few Sam Levy appointed security guards as well as a few your white guys and girls who  just stood and watched the whole incident. The group of Indians  were driving  a Subaru and a new White Toyota twin cab. Obviously very spoilt rich boys on Daddy’s money. My concern about this issue is that there were guns and knives being carried , the police were there and nothing was done about it.

There are a few issues here. Firstly my daughter should not have been waiting outside to be collected at such a time. Secondly when she did try to go back inside for protection she was not allowed back in as the doors are closed and no-one is allowed back inside from 3.00am onwards. Thirdly what is the point of having Police  and Security guards on duty  if they do nothing to assist people in trouble or control the environment . We allow our children to go to places like this thinking that they will be safe. Whether it is inside the establishment or outside surely someone must be responsible for the behaviour of these kids in a public arena? Everyone besides my husband seemed scared of them and turned a blind eye to them .These kids are playing adults games and when you cross a father and his daughter you are stepping on dangerous territory .I wonder what would have happened if my Husband  had hit one of these , Would they have gone running to their Dads for help  ,and lay assault charges .Maybe we should name and shame these boys to their Moms of how they are treating young girls .   
We as parents need to know what our kids are getting up to and find out ‘How Safe they really are “ in these establishments where Income is first priority and Safety is last


Sam Levy’s Village contact address – I have been in contact with Maurice Levy today about the incident at H2O reported earlier and he is trying to establish who the culprits are and maybe ban them from attending his nite club. He gave me a new email address that you can use to send comments about anything you feel is worthy of his attention to
Name and Shame, consequence and accountability – Zimbabweans need to implement a zero tolerance for this type of behaviour. Otherwise go and live with the rest of the world where this type of behavior is rife – NOW is the time to act, not wait for tragedy to strike – Rape threats are not minor, this is major! STAND UP, NAME AND SHAME!
Just had to comment on the report concerning a (daughter) at H20 which I presume is a nightclub.  The big question is how old is the young lady?  What parents would allow their daughter to attend a nightclub unaccompanied?  What parent would allow their daughter to a nightclub with no idea of how she was going to get transport home,? who dropped her off at the nightclub?  What was she wearing?  The time 3am, I mean really, what responsible parent would allow their daughter to be out at that time?  The young lady obviously had a mobile phone on her person, why did she not phone for transport inside the nightclub and ask in this case her father to give her a missed call on arrival at the nightclub that he was waiting outside.  I asked the age of the young lady as it does not appear that she has much common sense, or perhaps she was under the influence, I am quite sure if she was at a nightclub she wasn't drinking Fanta Orange. Did the father not think to take down the number plates of the vehicles involved? and make a report at the nearest Police post and or Police Station?  I hope should this young lady be (under 18 years of age) that the nightclub concerned has employed responsible and reliable (bouncers) to not allow entry to juveniles.  Whilst I do not support the behaviour of the young men and or their comments or actions, the parents in this matter need to take a long hard look at themselves, and hopefully this unfortunate incident should never be allowed to happen again!  Thank goodness the mobile phone network was working, can't imagine what might have happened had the network been down! 
Whist, I am really thankful that your husband arrived on time and no physical harm was done to your daughter. There is a question that raises in my mind.
Why allow your daughter to be in that position to start with? Sorry it has to be said. I would also come down like a ton of bricks on the club and their own caring attitude and security which as it seems was non-existent. I am very relieved your daughter is safe and no harm was done but if it was my daughter, for her to be waiting alone outside at those hours or any hours for that matter, it would not have been allowed.
What would be interesting to know Mike, although the scenario is far from acceptable .. is this young lady still attending school? If so then her "parents" need to take a serious look at themselves for permitting their daughter to enter H20 in the first place and, secondly, allowing her to stay out beyond midnight regardless of perhaps being an upper sixth pupil!?
Wanted to express my disappointment on Friday night at the Westgate movie house and then again on Sunday afternoon at Eastgate.
These movie houses have been open for two months now and ALREADY the standards have dropped to below acceptable. Both Westgate and Eastgate were unable to offer a Slush Puppy drink as their machines were broken, neither of them had any of the seasoning for popcorn. The toilets in Westage had no toilet paper, the air conditioning was not working which frankly was the cherry on the cake. I would love nothing more to support Ster Kinekor and honestly am delighted that we have an option of current movies and something different to do during the weekend but I will have a very tough time getting my friends to come back with me after these two experiences. They may seem like little complaints but it all adds up and after two months, the standards should still be impeccable as I believe that nowadays there is simply no excuse.

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