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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


The response to my email for the SPCA “wish list” was phenomenal. So many people want to help. My thanks goes out to everyone who has responded and offered assistance in some way or another. I think our dream will come true. I can only imagine how much more we will be able to do for the animals in our care, not only to provide for their physical needs but their emotional wellbeing too. To date we have moved along  a little like Noah’s Ark, that is ,waiting for a miracle! I believe that  our vision is within our reach with the continued support of the public .

On behalf of the new mother, Jack Russell and her fabulous 5  thanks for all the offers of new homes. We would like mum and the pups to have a rest from the well wishing visitors as they were a little overwhelmed by all the oohs and aahs. We will allow them time to grow in peace and quiet and keep you updated on their progress.

We have many other gorgeous pups at the kennels, peering out from behind kennel fencing. They are pleading for human affection and love. They need owners who will offer a FOREVER home. It is  always tempting to take on a cute puppy. Pups grow into dogs that still want love and attention. They offer unconditional love but in return they must be well cared for. All pets are totally reliant on us for food, shelter, veterinary care and a caring environment in which to grow until they are old and grey. When they are too old to carry on it is ultimately the owner’s responsibility to put them to rest humanely and with dignity. Unfortunately oldies are often surrendered to the SPCA as the owners do not want them anymore. So, before you decide to adopt a cat or a dog please consider all the above and make the correct decision. If you visit he kennels , no doubt a dog will CHOOSE YOU.

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