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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This must be a first. I was on my way home after work  yesterday 14th Feb, and stopped at the usual Police Road Block  Enterprise Road after Chisipite. The lady policewoman stopped me to inspect the licence details on my car, all OK and wished me Happy Valentine and presented me with a red rose.!!!!! To say the least, I was very pleasantly surprised.! I note the police were from Runniville.
Hi mike! Not sure how to advertise this but my son had his 18th birthday party at borrowdale country club this past Saturday. We had two magnetic advertising car slogans STOLEN off the sides of our car!!! They are for DJ SQUARED KARAOKE so if any of your readers have seen kids with them, we would love them back please!!! Thanks Debbie fleming 492314/0772303332
Listeners licence for company owned vehicles $80. They are now requesting registration books to confirm ownership.
This evening at approx 7.15pm I witnessed a very fast moving orange light with fan tailed shaped  vapour? I thought it might be a shooting star but after an extended wish period I think not! It did not ‘expire’.  It was much lower than those satellites you sometimes see far away – and it was big.  Travelling from Epworth area to Marlborough area. I would be very interested if any of your readers saw the same thing?  I’ve tried to find an astronomical website for Harare which was very out of date but I did get two names. I thought I’d find the Prince Edward Astronomical society but no luck.
Last night there were 3 gunshots heard in Vainona at about 10pm, shortly after a power cut.  Borrowdale police were contacted and worked quickly and efficiently to get information from me and then patrol the area.  Shortly after they left our property, on Thames Road, the house alarm next door went off  The police and alarm response went there and it looked like intruders had got onto the property but had left.  There was then a sighting on Tay Road and again the police went there but intruders had left.  The police saw a car in the area that looked suspicious but once they had spotted it, the car switched its lights off and disappeared.  Unfortunately they didn't get a good sighting of the vehicle.

It is unclear if the gunshots were linked to the intruders or if they were someone letting off rounds. Intruders are known to target properties in this area and especially with late night power cuts.  This is a reminder to be aware, keep your property as lit up as possible even when there is a power cut and contact the police if there is anything suspicious.  Borrowdale Police: 04 860061.
I believe we need to work as a community to try and catch these people.
I am writing to lodge a public complaint on all the “churches” springing up in residential areas.  Buildings start and take years to complete and in the interim unsightly tents get erected.  I am not opposed to people choosing religion to fill their hours but what I am incredibly annoyed with is the microphones that these people insist on using, usually at the highest volume possible.

I chose to live in Kambanji for the quietness it brings and now I have to listen to caterwauling on Sunday mornings, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights coming from the so-called church on the corner of Salhouse and Enterprise Rds.  My house is 1 km from there and it is LOUD!  Who does one complain to put an end to this nonsense and disruption of the peace and surely the use of microphones and speakers should not be allowed. 


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