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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Police Warning

HI All, This was sent out by Anna Andriolakis this week to her clients in Club 50 in Bulawayo
Regards and thanks to Anna

From: Grecian Art []
Please take note of the following Warning from Police which was published in The Chronicle on Friday 8th of February 2013, at this point please also RENEW YOUR CAR LISTENERS LICENCE POLICE ARE AUTHORISED TO FINE YOU on behalf of the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation and the fine is also 100% penalty, car listeners licence is $30 for the year, the newspaper warning article reads as follows:

Police yesterday said they would not hesitate to arrest motorists with un licenced vehicles despite the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara)’s grace period.

On Monday Zinara said it would start penalizing motorists for the late renewal of vehicle registration for the just expired term after 30 days.

The bulk of licences expired on 31 January 2013 and penalty is 100% of the arrears, plus $5 administration fee.  However, in an interview the acting national traffic police spoke person, Assistant Inspector Luckmore Chakanza said the police would enforce the law as it is.

“No vehicle shall be allowed to travel on any road in the country without a valid licence.  If the traffic police meet such vehicles they will impound them and arrest the owner” said Assistance Inspector Chakaza.

He said the police would not be lenient with motorists adding that the licence discs have been available and motorists should have renewed them on time. 

“People were waiting for the licences to expire.  It would be abuse of the law if we give them a grace period.  As police we will not hesitate to arrest them.  People have a habit of waiting until the last day to renew their licences hence the congestion at the registration offices” said Assistance Inspector Chakaza.

According to Zinara more than half a million vehicles in the country  had not been licenced country wide by Monday.

Zinara chief executive officer Mr. Frank Chitukutuku said his organisation would launch a blitz on unlicenced vehicles at the end of the month.

He said the blitz would be done in conjunction with the Police, the Vehicle Inspection Department (VID) and the Central Vehicle Registry (CVR).

Mr Chitukutuku said the operation would target motorists, who have never registered their vehicles since the new computerized system started operating in April last year and those whose licences would have expired.  He said by April unlicenced vehicles would not be able to use the country’s highways as the computerized tollgate system will be operational.   It is estimated that there are more than 800 000 vehicles in the country.

Zinara introduced new licence discs with high security features to curb  the production of fake discs.  Counterfeiting was reportedly costing Zinara more than $20 million in potential revenue yearly.

The new system also aims to establish and capture the actual number of vehicles on Zimbabwe’s roads.

Road licence fees are used together with tollgate fees, overload fees and transit fees to maintain the countries roads and construct new ones.

Licence discs per term are $15 for motorcycles and $20 for small vehicles.
Owners of vehicles between three and seven tonnes but below nine tonnes, the discs are $60 and those more than nine tonnes are $75.

Small trailer owners pay $15 and big trailers are charged $40

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