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Sunday, February 3, 2013


From: Leon and Corralee Greeff TOSHIBA LAPTOP STOLEN IN CHEGUTU, The below laptop was stolen in Chegutu last night. Toshiba Satellite A300 – Harman/Kardon. Model No:  PSAGCE – 043009F3 . Serial No:   Y8610982Q .  Please get hold of Corralee Greeff on 0772 208 726 if you have any info in it’s recovery. Reward is offered.  
Just to let you know whilst I was enjoying lunch at the restaurant at Golden Stairs Nursery yesterday my laptop and briefcase were stolen from my car despite the presence of a security guard in the car park. It looks like the driver’s door lock was “picked” . So beware.
Regards Geoff Fairall
Our maltese cross terrier, white in colour, dog has been taken from our property.  We believe that someone may have jumped our wall and taken her as she is a dog that would “sell”.  Her name is Bacardi but unfortunately she has not been micro chipped.  We are very worried about her as she is a very timid natured dog.  Please may you help. Thelma Flynn. Tel : (04) 334911/9 Mobile : 0772 266 731
Sorry it’s a bit late, but the readers who so admired Meryl Harrison, will be pleased to know that she has been “re-homed” in a comfortable flat in Norwich, UK. Her little dog, Topsy, which she rescued, wandering with barbed wire round her neck some 2-3 years ago is “re-homed” with me. She is the most wonderful character of a dog I have ever known after 42 years of owning dogs. Meryl, whom I have known personally for the last ###### years is now I hope resting from all the hard work she did for the animals in this Country. I had the pleasure of meeting some of the VAWZ team,  at Meryl’s farewell at the Kennel Club, and from what I read in Mike Garden’s emails they are doing a fantastic job in the Meryl tradition Keep it up. Love to all the VAWZ team. Roy Ellis
Hello Mike, i have just read of the break in in Chisipite last week where a pistol was stolen.
Since then we have heard of a break in involving a pistol on Edinburgh road; we had a break in, on Fernleigh road last week, involving 3 ,well spoken young men, one had a semi repeater revolver silver in colour. Just wondering if the pistol could be the same one that was stolen?
Our break in was. I think, opportunistic, in that we had had a power cut, and  at 19.30 when the power came back on, my son went out to switch off and bring the little generator in. The men had come over the neighbours wall and followed my son in putting the pistol to his head another of the thieves had an axe.They were only after money, but took jewellery as well, but no computers etc. They asked where my daughter was, she thankfully had gone out a little earlier.
Apparently they had a car. I can only repeat what others have warned us all about, we had been watched so in turn watch your backs and keep doors locked.
WARNING AIRPORT ROAD.  We had a near miss on thursday night coming from the airport.  We left our car in lock up as we were only going to S.A. for 2 days.  but when we arrived back we had some trouble with our car so hired a taxi to get home, because of this trouble we were quite late leaving the airport.  At the robots Airport rd/Glenara the robot was red and while we were waiting for it to change a car pulled up behind us.  The passenger of this car jumped out and punctured the back tyre of our taxi.  We shouted to the driver to go which he did.  We went through the red robot so couldn't see if the car followed us or not.  We found a place to change the tyre by the army camp and got home without further incident.  We presume the thieves thought that we were tourists and had money etc to steal.  Just a warning to everyone who comes back on that late flight.  They wait for you to stop then pounce.  Be aware of surroundings and if you can possibly help it do not stop at the robots.
I don't know if this will be helpful to anyone, but recently my wallet was stolen and it contained a small amount of cash, my driver's licence and a few old receipts. I hadn't reported it missing and I presumed I would never be able to get my important documents back such as my driver's licence. But out of nowhere I got a phone call from the Graniteside Post Office stating that they had found my wallet and my driver's licence, that had been dumped into one of their post boxes. They were able to get hold of me via one of the receipts that had my cell phone number. It may be advisable that people go to local post offices around their area if their handbags or wallets have been stolen just to see if they have turned up in one of their post-boxes and cannot get hold of their owners.

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