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Sunday, February 17, 2013


TO ALL READERS WHO WOULD LIKE TO ASSIST WITH OUR “WISH LIST” FOR THE REFURBISHMENT OF THE SURGERY AND KENNELS AT THE HARARE SPCA. We sent a letter out last week explaining the dire need to upgrade the surgery at the Harare Spca and the need to build a new convalescence block and kennels. I made an error on the email address which we are using as a contact for this project. Please contact the following if you are able to help in cash or kind . or email me .

Yesterday we had over 200 dogs in our care. The situation we are faced with is extremely serious. So many dogs are arriving with serious injuries.  Road traffic accidents are claiming many animals’ lives. The survivors are admitted with broken limbs and more. Some animals are neglected and are basically starving and diseased . Dogs arrive with fight wounds that are the evidence that they are living on the streets and fighting over scraps of food. Pregnant bitches are dropped off by owners that no longer want them.  Bitches and their surviving pups are found and brought into the surgery by compassionate individuals. They are emaciated and frightened ,the pups are covered in fly bites and ticks. Sadly, some do not make it . Cats and dogs are being surrendered on a daily basis.  We also have over 40 puppies in desperate need of homes. Believe it or not we have 7 JRs , one being a mum with 5 , newborn , superb puppies. Kittens of every description are waiting for homes too .The animals that are beyond help are humanely put o sleep. This is an incredibly heartbreaking, daily occurrence that our vets and management have to deal with .It is the hardest situation to decide if an animal will have a quality life in the future or if it’s time is up.

We cannot move forward and improve the situation without your help. Please give these animals a chance at a better life. They did not ask to be born . They do not understand neglect and abuse. Yet when they are adopted they become the most loyal of pets.

Contact me on 0712 404 486 if you need any information or if you can extend a compassionate hand.

Des Hacker

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