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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bulawato awareness

Thank you goes out to so many people who were asking what had happened to the updates.  I have been here and very busy with counseling but my computer is on it’s last fragment of space and have a total of 6% space left on the computer, even after deleting so many emails and old updates.  So I hope you manage to receive this update.  I am desperate for anyone to donate a new hard drive to this organization, so please help where possible.




I cannot believe how there seems to be people everywhere you drive who just walk all over the road.  What is happening?  If you hoot to warn them, they either saunter across to the other side of the road, or they threaten you or some motorists have had children who are walking, pick up stones and throw them at the cars.  Pedestrians should not be walking in the middle of the road, even if it is quiet.  Walk on the right hand side and not in a broad line with friends across the road, you must walk in single file, so you can see cars coming and also be aware that cars are trying to avoid pot holes, so they could veer towards you.  Be more vigilant in how you walk on the roads.


With the situation of no lights on streets and the sun setting earlier, please will those people who have to walk or ride home, wear bright, reflective clothing, or buy a reflector vest. Motorists not only have to worry about on coming traffic, pot holes and bright lights on some cars (drivers whose cars have spot lights DO NOT use them on roads, these are for bush roads) and it is incredibly difficult to see pedestrians and cyclists wearing black or dark colours. 


Cyclists, please ensure you have the correct reflectors on your bikes and have a light at the front – I do believe those laws have not changed; just that everyone has got too lax in adhering and enforcing the law on their friends.  Also cyclists MUST use the cycle paths provided and not ride on the main road.  This is causing too many unnecessary accidents!




There are a number of vendors putting up their little tables on corners of suburban streets.  All very well, everyone is trying to make money somehow, but it is frustrating to see when a group sits around chatting to the vendor and the fences and walls of homes become the nearest toilet they use.  This is horrendous as not only when the rainy season starts and washes this away, it could very well wash into your home where your children want to play in the mud.  The worst I have seen with a vendor and her group of friends who sit on the road is by Fitch and Weir Avenues in Hillside, yet again.  The other is at Morningside Shops where the people go behind the shops and do their personal business there.  It stinks and is horrendous.




As stated so many times before, weather plays a very important role where the criminal is concerned.  They know we like to stay in doors when it is so cold or rainy.  If we hear a noise, automatically we wait to see if we will hear it again.  Criminals know our psychi – how we think and react.  If you hear a noise, investigate carefully – DO NOT WAIT to hear it a second time, it could be too late - even if it is cold or rainy.  Don’t go running outside with a knob Kerrie thinking you are safe, the criminals do lie in wait for you and will hurt you.  Remember their eyes are adjusted to the darkness and will see you better than you will them, as they are also ready to attack, you on the other hand are just assuming and not fully prepared. 


Rather always look around from the inside of your home, switching on all outside lights whilst remaining dark inside.




Taken from The Lowveld Against Crime July 2008 RSA


Everyone should use OODA.  This I have put into practice every time I go out of my home.



Observe your surroundings at all times – at work, while driving and at home – and whenever something is out of place, you should recognize it immediately.


For Example:

Stopping at a traffic light – already area scanned and suspicious looking people noted.

Vital to teach your family to observe and what to look for, and what is considered suspicious.

That is, if a person is armed, what clothes they are wearing.


Also observe your pets’ behaviour.



At any given time you must be orientated with your surroundings and know what possible decisions can be made if something unfortunate had to happen.


Always have a contingency plan in place.  For example when driving, if you have to stop you already should have several options to choose from as to where to go.



This phase is the psychological impact that leads to action.  The decision is based on the facts that have been gathered during the observation and orientation phases.


Here you make a decision that could either save your family or place them in unnecessary danger.


With many contingency plans in place, the trick will be to choose one and make a decisive decision on which of these to follow.  Experience goes a long way in this phase, but if you have taken all factors into account in advance, then your choice will be a clear one.


Always have a plan B!



This phase is based on the decision that has been made and will ensure the protection of yourself, family and property.


When you have made a decision, do not hesitate to put it into action.


The potential hijacker next to the road will now have to wait a little while longer to steal someone’s car, as you’ve foiled his plans with the successful implementation of OODA.





This cycle can be executed within a second.  It is a countermeasure on the psychological aspect for the element of surprise.  If you counter the surprise, you negate initiative and take away freedom of action from the criminal.  If a person executes the cycle and the wrong decision has been made, it can be rectified within a split second after applying OODA again.





I have been informed there is an increase in the Montrose area – this will also include the “old Hillside” area as mentioned a few updates previously.  Be vigilant at all times, as we tend to drop our guard when we have not heard of any serious attacks!



From the Anti Hijack Harare


In May we have had reports of smash & grab incidents in the infamous sites around the city.  The lights at Churchill Rd/2nd street extension (Sam Munjoma Rd) still an ongoing happening.  Now that winter is drawing in and it starts getting dark earlier, please be on your guard … the thieves are still out there. Keep all valuables out of sight.


Gate motors etc. still being taken … so there is still a lot of theft in and around Harare.  Do not leave doors open for pets to come in and out, this is extremely dangerous and an invitation to the perpetrators to enter.




There is a new number plate hijacking trend. Hi-jackers follow you to a parking lot, after you leave your vehicle, they remove your number plate and wait. When u come back and drive off, they follow you. They then overtake you, displaying your number plate out of
their window as if you just lost it and they want to give it back to you.

When you stop to get your number plate back, guns come out and they take the car. Maybe even take you and your car. It's a very well rehearsed and organised plan and everything happens very quickly. Other motorists may not be aware what is happening as you stopped the car yourself.



STATUTORY INSTRUMENT 63 OF 2015 [Bulawayo City Council Clamping and Tow

Away] By-Laws, 2015. GOVERNMENT GAZETTE Vol.XC111, No.37, 15 MAY, 2015

Wheel clamping and tow away

4(1) Any authorised person may, if he or she has reason to believe that a violation of traffic bylaws referred to in the schedule has been committed-

(a) Immobilise or cause such motor vehicle to be immobilised by way of a wheel clamp; and

(b) If the motor vehicle has not been claimed and the relevant charges incidental thereto paid, subsequently remove and tow away the motor vehicle to a secure compound after a period of at least two hours has lapsed.

2(1) Where the motor vehicle is obstructing traffic, an authorised person may not clamp the

vehicle first but shall immediately remove and tow away the motor vehicle to a secure compound.

4(4) A motor vehicle removed to a secure compound shall be released upon payment by the

owner of such motor vehicle of-

(a) The prescribed fine; and

(b) Wheel clamping, tow away and storage charges specified in the schedule.

Unclaimed vehicles

5 (1) Council shall publish in any newspaper circulating within the Council area a list of vehicles immobilised and advise the owners to claim the vehicles within a period of thirty days.

(2) Council shall sell by public auction any vehicle that remains unclaimed thirty days after a notice has been published.


1(5)(d)(i) Passenger boards passenger service vehicle/vehicle or any motor vehicle at an undesignated zone USD5.00.

8 1(8) Park motor vehicle (during normal working hours) which does not display a valid prepaid parking disc or failure to display a valid prepaid parking disc USD10.00.

24 2(3)f Throw litter out of motor vehicle USD5.00

32 2(12)1 Taxi cab carry more than three passengers at the back seat(s) USD5.00 per

extra passenger.

Members of the public are hereby advised to avoid inconveniences by abiding to the By-

Laws and displaying valid pre-paid parking discs. Discs are on sale at the Municipal Revenue

Hall at the following prices:

· Quarterly Pre-Paid Parking disc (3 Months) US$36.35

· 30 minute zone booklet US$20.00

· Hour zone booklet US$17.00

· 2hour zone US$13.00




There are still a number of people getting beaten up in home robberies or whilst walking on the roads, children getting traumatized from the break-in or violent attack.  Remember children suffer just as adults, and victims need to talk it out.  So if you are a concerned parent, please organize for the child to see me or someone who will listen.  Please do not hesitate to contact me for counseling or a shoulder to cry on.


Crime Awareness is into its 15th year of operation in Bulawayo and I am into my 18th year since being involved with the Anti Hijack Trust in Harare.  Years of experience and I have managed to guide a number of people around Zimbabwe into operating business-like affairs in conjunction with Neighbourhood Watch etc.


I do not charge for counseling victims – they are survivors in my eyes – so naturally I still need a great deal of donations and support from the communities that I hold dear to my heart.




If any company or individual wants to donate something towards Crime Awareness Bulawayo, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Please assist where possible


·         URGENTLY REQUIRED – New COMPUTER hard drive, keyboard and mouse – mine is just too old and very nearly ready to pack in!! WHICH YOU WILL KNOW WHEN THE UPDATES STOP ALL TOGETHER………

·         Stationery – new printer cartridges for Canon being black 512 and colour 513, and any other stationery – especially as I need to print out my updates and have hard copies!

·         Payment towards ADSL - only US$ 25 a month

·         Fuel is always needed





I have the following companies and individuals to thank for donations and services already received this year and going to continue: 


Acacia Insurance

Apollo Tyres (originally Dunlop Zimbabwe and they still make Dunlop Tyres)


Compu Pro

Farm Fresh

Fawcett Security

Femina Garments

Iway Africa (Mweb)

Mine Machines

Safari Insurance Brokers

Safeguard Bulawayo

Trentyre Bulawayo

Toyota Bulawayo



All the people who give me words of encouragement and support THANK YOU.





I have contacts for the following:

·         Latest Alarms and installations

·         Various Lighting Advice and imported LED lighting – note South Africa is banning all incandescent lighting as from 2016 – replace your lights now with LED’s. 

·         Flood Lights in LED 10W, 20W and 50W is available, plus flood lights that change colours, all done with remotes to set up in gardens etc.  Lowers all electricity costs considerably.




Crime Awareness Tracey Conway-Burns BULAWAYO direct:  0712-701 323


EMRAS  (Emergency Ambulance Services) in Bulawayo: 09-62611


MARS (Medical Air Rescue Services Ambulance) in Bulawayo: 09 – 64082



24 Hour Instant Hijack Reaction Team in Bulawayo: 09-885479 (Stops Camp)

CID Central Police Station Bulawayo: 09-75168 (Wk Hours)

CID Central Police Station Bulawayo: 09-66306 (24 Hours)

They are fully armed.  Call them if you have been hijacked as soon as physically possible.

24 hour National Complaints Line (04) 703 631


Childline Bulawayo (child abuse, rape etc)  :09-888891 or (toll free) 882761


The Haven Trust (a transitional home for abused women and their children) 09-242071

                          Fax No:  09-286151 Mobile Nos:  0712-231 309 / 0775-174 443


Musasa Project Bulawayo (abused wives and families, rape):09-880112 or 09-882888


24 Hour Clinic - Margaran House S. Pairienyatwa between 9th and 8th Avenues.

Dr C Sururu or other doctors are on duty every day and night

Tel:  (09) 60952

Cell: 0712 - 881 439


Know your police station numbers for your area.




Please contact me for any talks for schools, companies, groups or questions on individual security, etc on or cell phone no: 0712-701 323, for your bookings or questions so that I can place it in my diary.




P O Box 9161




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