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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tm breakins sorry no date

Yesterday evening at around 6pm I was at TM supermarket.My 22 year old son was in the car while I was shopping.When I returned to the car he informed me that he observed about five men break into a couple of cars that were parked directly opposite to ours.He did not want to make a scene as there were a number of them who had a arrived in a Mercedes benz.

These guys opened the vehicles without any fuss.No alarms sounded.They did not appear to get away with anything but I have heard that this is a hot spot for these thieves as there are no guards manning the area.


As we were leaving we spoke to the security who seem to be more available near Butchers kitchen Millers area and obviously cannot see whats happening down the other end.

People need to be very careful when parking there as these guys seem unperturbed by how busy the place is and just go about taking peoples property.




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