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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Watch out

It is disturbing to report that a group of young men are going around on foot in the neighbourhoods and are targeting elderly peoples houses, flat and places of residence, they call the elderly people to their gates and inform them that the insurance company is carrying out free jewellery valuations on pensioners jewellery as they are the most targeted age group, this was reported to Club 50 this evening after a 70 year old lady from Famona was visited 3 times last week by this group of men, on the third visit she gave in and said well “I’m destitute and I have no money or precious jewellery the only jewellery I have is my wedding band which was her late mothers ring, the gentle men said they could appraise it while she waits they took the ring and went and huddled a few paces away they then returned and charmingly informed her that their scale and tester was not working, they would go to Bradfield to get new batteries and while there they will polish and return her ring…………………………… well they did not return and neither did her wedding ring.  She refused to make a police report as her elderly husband had already screamed and shouted at her and she was too embarrassed to go to the Police Station.


Please please inform the elderly not to fall victim to any of these scams and definitely do not allow such criminals into their yard or home where these elderly folks may open their safe and bring out their valuables………… please circulate and caution all ELDERLY PEOPLE  and if you have family or friends in the old age homes or retirement villages please kindly warn them – there is no such insurance research taking place – this is purely a criminal element of THIEVES!

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