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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


We had a fascinating trip to China last year, where we visited Nanjing. The city was beautiful and tidy, NO litter in the streets (what a pleasure!), and huge trees lining the roads, even in the city centre. The Chinese were extremely friendly, and unbelievably helpful on the streets when they found us peering at bus routes in a language that we couldn’t even start to decipher (and they took the time to try and help us even if they couldn’t speak English.) Our whole trip was wonderful until we got to the zoo. What a disgrace! The panda bears were in an enclosure surrounded by glass, (which I assume was put there to ensure that rubbish was not thrown at them), and the wolves and bear enclosure had many plastic bottles thrown inside. The orang-utang (my favourite) was sitting with a piece of newspaper over its head. Us humans are a despicable race indeed - goodness alone knows what is going to be thrown at our baby elephants! So sad


on the subject of lion hunting, are you aware that the most magnificent specimen of a lion which lived in Hwange National Park has been shot by a trophy hunter, in the Gwayi area, because it stepped over the railway line out of the Park.  It’s all over Facebook !  Check out “Zimbabwe National Parks & Game Reserves” page.


I am saddened that  Zimbabwe thinks it owns the Elephants. Since when does any country own a wild animal never mind have the right to sell off a animal like a loaf of Bread!!! IF African elephants were meant to be in China they would be. I think Humans should stop off balancing the ecosystem and selling off Animals that do not belong to anyone. Before all the wildlife ends up dying out!!! 


*Elephants to China.          Mine too. /And to find out that a monetary offer was made so they could be cared for with love in Kenya and refused,  unbelievable,  nauseating and  totally shameful.


Our baby elephants must be terrified.  Shocking !   The poor chap on his bike .Shocking!   We are plagued by noise every weekend, sheer torture for approximately 5 hours on both Saturdays and Sundays from noisy engines . It is impossible to entertain, for the youngsters to study, or to have a nap. Should anyone in the neighbourhood be unwell, tough luck ! No consideration at all. Also shocking ! 


Passport renewal - Registrar General. I am compelled to write in with positive news – good news is rarely discussed.  Having renewed my passport many years ago, my memory was that of everlasting queues. Hence knowing that it was time to renew my passport again, it was with a deep breath that I entered the passport renewal office. What a pleasantly surprise. I arrived at an unusual hour 11.45 (as advised by a friend who had also recently renewed her passport) and had completed the whole process by 13.15. With my receipt in hand I positively skipped to my car. I had paid $50 for the ordinary passport (plus $3 for the form) which has a 6 week processing period. There is an organised system in place, the staff were polite and queues (of max 10-5 people at a time) move. I did get a bit lost finding the correct rooms. To top it off, I even received a text this morning advising me to come and collect my passport. The actual processing time was just over 4 weeks, 2 weeks quicker than expected.  Top tip, ensure you have all the correct originals and certified copies, photos before you go, see  WELL DONE TO THE PASSPORT OFFICE 


Here, I marvel that wild animals are showing up the error of our ways.  Reports on rhinos; then lions and elephants...  We who have been given the added faculty of reasoning in order to be able to correctly govern over them...  And who are we, precious people all?  And who is above us. J Indeed God is not mocked.  There will certainly be a day of reckoning.  BUT His loving redemption, is STILL available to EVERYONE.  The whole ‘we’ right or wrong.  My point being, that we all easily stuff up but the further we go from governing without Him, it certainly will go very very wrong. This can be turned around.  He begs, just as we beg here..  Ironically as ‘the lamb of the world who was slain’.. for us.  On this subject of the abuse of wildlife:  Will it take them to save us in our dealings?   Sincere thanks for gosh work and facts brought to light..  Who says that even this one huge, remarkable effort towards baby elephants has failed.  This is not the end.  Who are we, you and I?  Honestly how many people, from how many different nations read these reports?   What will we do?  What if every one of us, picked up from the main work already done and please, just did or said what we could in a manner, on to one or more, whom we thought we could.  Who essentially continued, to pass it on to plead with whom they could.  To offer alternatives.  To sign positive agreements or severely negative ones , until positivity and protection occurred for all.  This problem is now definitely a world one - moving across all our borders.  If disregarded in this country and region it will move on in various forms to the next.  You are amazingly precious and not where you are without reason.  Hence we look to every single ‘head’, everywhere, to take up correct governance with furtherance on to every national head.  There is another way – in line with the one body concept - with thanks x


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