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Monday, July 20, 2015

Interesting info

City of Harare replaced two stop signs yesterday at the Steppes Rd/Kew Drive intersection with Ridgeway North – and the cops were there at lunch time. Might be an idea to warn motorists using that route????


Motorists beware the Kew Drive-Ridgeway North junction. The police have reerected the STOP sign so they can catch drivers as they turn left into Ridgeway North. We rang various numbers but got no satisfaction. We were told to go to Highlands Police Station or perhaps the police have to remove it as it is regularly vandalised. Ken


Dear Mike  Being sensitized to the recent events concerning the baby elephants and other violations of our wildlife, please can I bring it to your attention, what happened yesterday and how National Parks are failing us badly.  A small pride of lions wondered into the area of Great Zimbabwe and instead of relocating them, they called in a Professional hunter(personally known to me) to shoot them all. This shows their total lack of compassion and conservation policies.  seems like apathy and greed has got to them too. At this rate, we are not going to have any wildlife left for the future generations and National parks just cant be bothered to do things correctly.  am appalled at what is happening to our precious wildlife(and these are only the things we get to hear about)


In response to MJM, -  man never evolved – he has always been and always will be a beast.  Selfish and greedy.  No regard for life – animal, plant or human.  He will sell his soul to the devil for money .T.F


And therein lies the problem. Those that ‘evolved” have made this world like it is today…sick. However those that were created have a better chance of making this world a better place to live in!!!...JT


... and for those of you who would like a fitness workout with HEAPS of adrenaline... there is paintball (under new ownership) at One67 Enterprise on a Friday afternoon and all day Saturday and Sunday (and Wednesday and Thursday by bookings). Come and work up a sweat at our paintball field! ...and finish off with a delicious breakfast, brunch or lunch at the on-site coffee shop!  or... surprisingly good upper-body strength needed (and workout supplied for free!) at the go karts at Country Club in Newlands on Saturday and Sunday afternoons - possibly followed by a burger at the club house ;)  Exercise does not have to be lonely or boring!


My biggest question after reading all these comments is literally " what can I do about it all?" Not ment as a exclamation of dispair but as a genuine question. Anyone out there? What can a civilian do to protest against the abuse of our natural heritage? Lots of comments but very little in the way of solutions. I love to be proactive but is money the only way anything will get done? Sirbrowndsound


living in Christon Bank and driving out on the Mazowe Road each day, I am appalled at the rubbish that of late is dumped on the road verges. It seems that there is no jurisdiction in place for people to simply stop and drop their sackfuls of rubbish. As is that isn't unsightly enough, the bags are torn open by dogs and the litter strewn everywhere. It is particularly bad on the stretch by the Polo grounds, before the toll. Is there nothing that can be done about this illegal dumping? Who can we appeal to to try to stop this antisocial behaviour and bring the offenders to book? I would desperately like to bring this to the attention of the law, but am not sure where to start. Do any of your readers have suggestions?  Thank you,  Concerned Green Citizen


I am also heartbroken at the picture of the destroyed vendors' property in the bypass tunnel. So much institutionalised suffering and hunger. Also the picture of a thin vendor being manhandled by a prosperous looking policeman….. How does a beautiful Nation such as ours, with wonderful caring people, change the dynamic of impunity and insensitivity to the suffering of humans and animals……. We should also circulate the good examples of the extra mile, the road less travelled. The age old adage "one good deed deserves another". We can all spread joy one person at a time. I was in the most horrendous traffic jam in Workington from the stupid closure of Coventry Road. Absolute grid lock. One hour to move 200m along Paisley Road. One person got off the back of a moribund truck and slowly relieved the pressure, one stuck vehicle at a time. One unsung hero who made a difference. Also smiles and good cheer in a bad situation are gifts. Just smiling when I was stuck and being friendly to those around me lifted the spirit.
The guys on Glenara directing the traffic at the eternally broken light. Heroes.
  The cheerful guy that sells airtime on College Road. Photos of everyday heroes. Let's spread the joy share how good it feels to be part of the human race. I had a fight at the Bridge Spar on Sunday morning with a fat guy in a fancy car parked in a handicapped bay. In front of his child he used all the racist hate speech he could muster. Photos social media shame. One battle at a time. My mantra in middle age is spread the joy. Make the World a better place one person, child and animal at a time. Spread the love. Belinda S

Let us take a very close look at the statistic of 15,000 Elephant strong in Sebungwe in 2006 – we all know that  There are less than 3400 Elephant left to-date in this area – a statistic taken before an extraordinary meeting between the Chiefdom of the area, Parks, Government etc. in May 2015. Of course there are those who are trying to make an indent into this current demise, but we have to face the facts that
Currently, regrettably, there is no real credible commitment and Zimbabwe is definitely on a “road of no return”.   We are, however, fortunate that with technology, we have witnesses. Leadership in Africa is still considered a privilege.  Cultures both in Asia and Africa flourish in an Opportunist and Corrupt environment and the devastation being meted out to people and our Wildlife in Zimbabwe has been relentless.   The collaboration is both dangerous internationally and lucrative considering the extraordinary amount of cash which is exchanged in this trade. Licensed Hunters who pay top Dollar - Locally - in cash - for their Trophies are well-received as part of this collaboration.
The witnessing of deals within our apparent “Breeding Programmes” too in which those involved, purport to safeguard our Majestic Lions – These programmes which do relocate a percentage of the Lion population on the African Continent are a mere ruse for backdoor deals both locally and internationally of our beautiful wildlife who are being Traumatised through separation, containerised, exported “legally” and rarely are unaffected by these brutal experiences.
Over-populated holding pens of high numbers of Male Lions are clearly evident – Females Lions birth their cubs which are separated from their mothers at 3 weeks old.  These are the facts.  These programmes are not sustainable without The endorsement by Government itself.     What is obvious is the mythological story of Pandora’s Box, which, thanks to new technology, may have only just been “opened” and those who are party to this collaboration will not continue to flourish along with their Local and International Hunters/Asian Dealers who benefit from the spoils of poaching or licensed hunting.  The future generations of Africa have a right to preserve their Wildlife and Land but it must be made clear that the Above statistics are a clear indication that the “Hope” which may be found at the bottom of Pandora’s Box may just Be too late.  

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