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Monday, July 20, 2015

Deposit fines



The Schedule of Deposit Fines issued by the Z.R.P. in August 2013 remains the only version - there are no subsequent versions. (The deposit fines listed in our Cubbyhole Notes no. 10 January, 2015, remain applicable).


The maximum deposit fine a police officer can legally impose is $20.00 per offence. (A Level 3 fine). A fine higher than level 3 can only be imposed by a magistrate after a court appearance. If a motorist is unsure about the fine being imposed, the police officer should advise whether the fine is a Level 1, 2 or 3.


Deposit fines are imposed per offence, and if found with more than one ‘issue’, the police officer can ‘add them up’.


The ZRP member will complete an Admission of Guilt form (Z.R.P. N.TFC). Motorists can request that the Charge Field (Section and Statutory enactment), which details the regulations being contravened, be completed fully and legibly. A copy of a properly completed Admission of Guilt form is essential for any motorist who wishes to query the fine being paid.




Trailers (including horse-trailers):


1.         All trailers to have a white T (extreme right, front) and red T(extreme right, rear).

2.         A light trailer (load capacity which does not exceed 550kg) to display red, 50 mm honeycomb type reflective tape at the rear of the vehicle, horizontally to within 400 mm of each side of the trailer.

3.         ‘Heavy’ trailers (load capacity exceeding 550kg) must be fitted with a rear warning sign (a red/yellow chevron plate) and GVM/NVM information.

4.         A light trailer is not required to be braked.


Deposit fines:

-           No rear number plate light     $20.00

-           No white front reflective “T” (except construction trailers) $10.00

-           No red rear reflective “T” (except construction trailers)      $10.00

-           No continuous red rear reflectors (light trailer)        $10.00

-           No chevron on the rear (heavy trailer)          $10.00

-           Fail to display gross & net mass on left side of the vehicle(trailer) $10.00


Note: A light trailer has a load capacity which does not exceed 550 kg. However, the “Schedule of Deposit Fines” states that trailers with a factory rated load capacity of 545 kgs or more are classified as “HEAVY”. A load capacity not exceeding 550 kg is the correct description of a light trailer.


Reflectors on the sides of vehicles are required when a vehicle or a vehicle towing a trailer has an overall length exceeding 8 metres: Amber, 50mm honeycomb type reflective tape, horizontally to within 400mm of the outer edges of the vehicle (front and back).


Light motor vehicles must have two white reflectors at the front, and two red reflectors at the rear, within 400mm of the sides. Must be “honeycomb” type. The minimum size for reflectors is, if circular, at least 60mm in diameter. A triangular or rectangular shape must have a minimum area of 3,000mm2. As the tape is 50mm wide a piece of tape 50 X 60mm gives an area of 3,000mm2.


Deposit fines:

-           No red rear reflectors $20.00

-           No white front reflectors        $20.00


Heavy duty vehicles/Commercial vehicles: 


1.         Must have two white reflectors at the front. Minimum size per Light Motor Vehicles.

2.         To display red, 50mm honeycomb type reflective tape at the rear of the vehicle, horizontally to within 400mm of each side of the vehicle.

3.         GVM/NVM information to be displayed on the left of commercial vehicles (see registration book for details).


Deposit fines:

-           No white front reflectors        $20.00

-           No continuous rear red reflective “warning sign”     $15.00

-           Fail to display gross & net mass on the left side of the vehicle       $10.00



1.         “Commercial vehicles” include vanettes, pick-ups and double-cabs, not exceeding 2 300kg NVM. SUV’s (station-wagons) are not classified as commercial vehicles.

2.         The requirements under “commercial vehicles” apply whether or not the vehicle is in private use.




The above notes appear in our Cubbyhole notes (version 10, Jan-15) covering the most frequently encountered issues at checkpoints, and the relevant deposit fines. This is available as an easily printed .pdf document, just email us at  or download at Updates will be posted on and on Twitter @BigSkySupplies


Any comments, corrections or queries are welcome.


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