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Monday, July 20, 2015

Dagaboys news GARY CHARSLEY

I received an email from Carol dated the 16th advising me that Gary had suffered a heart attack on Sunday the 12th.

Carol writes – “Just to let you know that Gary had a heart attack very early on Sunday morning, and was taken by ambulance to the main hospital in Douglas, where he was secured and treated. We were advised that he would be transported to Liverpool’s Broad Green hospital, by air ambulance, for an angiogram and a stent, and the transport happened on Tuesday morning. However, when the angiogram was done on Wednesday, the consultant chose not to put a stent in, as the heart needs a triple by-pass. Due to the demand for beds the operation  may only happen in a week’s time possible two!

This is obviously a very worrying time for both Carol and Gary and their family - they need our support in the form of prayer and letters of encouragement, it may be a fairly routine op but nevertheless our support is a must.

Although Carol is in Douglas (Isle of Man) until the op is scheduled and Gary in Liverpool rest assured every message will reach Gary with a minimum of delay – the email address is

Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

With Kind Regards




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