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Monday, August 28, 2017

Advertising and Publicity

Haka Game Park Wins Prestigious Corporate Care Award

The Advertising and Publicity Club (APC) presented its 2017 Annual Corporate Care Awards at a cocktail party held at the viewing platform of the Mukuvisi Woodlands on 22nd August 2017.

Haka Game Park, only 10km from the capital’s city centre at Cleveland Dam in Greendale, won the prestigious Corporate Care award for 2017. They were awarded with a unique trophy crafted from recycled bottle tops and wire in the shape of a Baobab tree.  This year’s worthy runner-up was the Ballantyne Park Conservancy Trust.

The APC which was established in 1963, has given the prestigious award annually to individuals or business enterprises that have shown exceptional care and concern for the environment, through their initiatives and commitment to projects that improve the community. The corporate care program identifies and honors companies judged upon key criteria, including: performance, long-term sustainability, innovation and community value.

“We are proud to have 2 such worthy winners in Harare. Both have shown dedication and determination to protect valuable parts of Harare’s environment and provide residents with much-needed recreational facilities”, said Mr Simon Pitt in his introductory speech to the awards.        

Mr Mohammed Surtee, with the support of the Surtee family, has established and operated Haka Game Park for over 20 years, providing protection to the flora and fauna of the flourishing wetland site. Through concerted efforts they have managed to curb the rampant poaching of animals, sand, fish and indiscriminate cutting of trees for firewood. A major achievement has been to have the site declared a Ramsar Wetland site thereby offering national and international protection for the wetlands. The 1500ha site, which is leased from the City of Harare, is surrounded by residential suburbs. Apart from an indigenous tree nursery and organic mushroom project, the park hosts a variety of over 200 animals including wildebeest, eland, zebra, water buck as well as impala and is a favourite site for bird watchers, too. It offers family picnic sites for braaing, horse rides and game walks, ideal for Harare residents as well as other visitors.

Ballantyne Park Conservancy Trust has restored the Ballantyne Park from a public dump site to a beautiful area which residents can enjoy. Extensive work has gone into restoring the dam which was damaged over the years, thereby providing a year round water supply for the numerous birds which come to nest in the area. Monthly family events have attracted the community back to the park, and the Trust has plans for further restoration.

Past winners of the Advertising and Publicity Club Corporate Care Award have included: The Business Council for Sustainable Development, Miracle Missions, The Harare News, The Greystone Park Nature Preserve, Environment Africa and Rooney’s Hire Services.


APC 2017 Runner-up:
(L to R): Ballantyne Park Conservancy Trust members, Miss Sue Burr, Mr Sean Quinlan (Chairman), Mrs Gill Rogers

Issued  by:  Mr Simon Pitt

On behalf of:  The Advertising and Publicity Club of Harare

25 August 2017.



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