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Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Your readers will be keen to know if and when ZRP will start issuing $30 traffic fines. To clarify …

The short version …

  • The revised Scale of Fines came into effect from 24 March, 2017, BUT …
  • The only real change affecting motorists, is $20 traffic fines can change to $30
  • DO NOT ACCEPT a $30 fine until the revised Schedule of Deposit Fines is issued to ZRP. Until that time, the maximum fine that can be imposed at the roadside remains $20.
  • If any member of ZRP attempts to fine a motorist $30, before the new fines schedule is issued, report him or her, and tell Road Users Association about it.

The longer version …

The Scale of Fines was one of the amendments to the Finance Act, gazetted on Friday, 24 March 2017. The schedule (available at, shows that Level 1 is now $10 (was $5), Level 2 is $15 (was $10) and Level 3 is $30 (was $20).

Based on the current levels in the fines schedule, the only change we need be concerned about is Level 3 increasing to $30. Level 1 and 2 fines have been set at $10 and $15, respectively, since the current Schedule of Deposit Fines was implemented in February, 2016 (but only legalised through Friday’s gazette, 13 months later). Therefore, we can anticipate that an offence currently set at $20, will increase to $30. However, any changes will only be confirmed when we see the revised Schedule of Fines.

The increase is already legal, although still has to be formalised through a revised Schedule of Deposit Fines. This document is not required to be gazetted, but must be formally made available to ZRP before they can impose the new Level 3 fine of $30.

Motorists can ignore the gazette’s effective date of 1 January, 2017. It took parliament a while to address the Finance Act amendments, and back-dating of traffic ‘spot’ fines is both impossible and unconstitutional.

We take this opportunity to introduce Bambazonke readers to the RUA Roadblock Checklist, attached.
Road Users Association is encouraging more respectful and lawful interaction between ZRP and motorists at ZRP checkpoints. The RUA Roadblock Checklist will guide motorists to achieve this.

All questions and aspects of the Roadblock Checklist are within the motorist’s legal rights, to ask and action. Until members of ZRP get used to the fact that motorists are standing up for your rights, you can expect some turbulence. To achieve a successful outcome, remain calm and courteous. In time, we expect ZRP to start displaying more respect than they have been.

Motorists are encouraged to print copies of the top page for use at roadblocks, and the back page, for your reference. For more about the RUA, visit and provide feedback at Facebook/RoadUsersAssoc.

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