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Friday, November 7, 2008

A night of darkness - for all!

Last night our power went off at 10 minutes to eight. We have had no power since then until 1300 today. It was a fault and guess what, even the President was without power - not that he probably even noticed as he must have generators.

Adrian and I decided to breakfast on wholewheat bread - baked the day before with butter and anchovette paste, and Bloody Marys. By lunch time we had ingested three Bloody Marys and felt much better.

Did the usual when the power went on - loaded the dishwasher - how I could manage without that I do not know - and turned on all the appliances. I have a wooden spoon (that is true) that allows me to push or pull down all the various electrical power points and turn them on - I am only 4 foot eleven so it can be difficult for me to do this as most of the points are above my normal reach. Adrian had to go out and I stayed here in case (as it happened) the power returned. Now we wait - will we have another cut today?

Yesterday 6 women in our area complained and told the electricity supply commission that we knew there were areas that never got cuts and that the people in these areas were either 'important people' or had bribed someone!

Perhaps we hit a few nerves as my neighbour actually got a phone call from the General Manager apologising - perhaps our power woes are finished - who knows.

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