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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Power Story

It is now Wednesday and we have had no power since Saturday.

Yesterday I went to the Borrowdale faults office and made another complaint.

They said they had no transport! So we offered them transport - they refused - they said they needed ladders - we offered them ladders - they said they would not be high enough - I mentioned that they had used them before - then they said (it was 3 pm) that the crew had to get the bus to take them home at 4 - we offered to take them home - They refused the offer - the crews were lounging around doing nothing!!!!

Another neighbour went to the office at about 4 and was told that they would do nothing on our fault as a women had been there earlier and was cheeky!!! (That was me). I have checked with the other people who were there at the same time and have been reassured that I was very polite and reasonable.

There was a truck with three men in the back - they told me they were tree cutters but were not working as they had not been paid! (Trees falling over lines are a major problem)

Today my husband and a neighbour are going to the ZESA office with a landrover and trailer to take a crew to the fault site tio sort it out. It is raining so the crew will probably refuse to work! Iwill keep you informed!

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