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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Just to let everyone know that yesterday was a day of complete frustration. We tried to pay bills. No one would take a cheque - we are now paying our electricity bill by forcing the teller at Borrowdale post office to take our cheque. They want only cash - and one can only take out 500,000 dollars a day - our electricity bill is 20 million!!! So we have all got together in our area and decided that we will force them to take a cheque - no receipt but a cheque is a receipt anyway!
Paying the telephone bill was a saga. First you queue up to find out how much you owe. Then you have to queue up to find out how much you have to pay in cash and how much you are allowed to pay by cheque. Then you have to queue to get permission to pay some of the bill by cheque. Then you have to queue to pay your bill! No change so you have to overpay!
While waiting to pay the computer system went slow! I casually remarked that there was probably a TelOne (the telephone company) fault. the whole queue and the teller burst into laughter - that was really the best part of the day!

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