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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Reps without water

I received this in my mail box this morning - where else in the world would this happen!

Reps Members and Friends of Reps,

We have a HUGE problem. We are being badly affected by the recent spate of water shortages, like most of the city and are now facing possible shut down!

As we are a public venue and are expecting hundreds of people in the theatre over the next two weeks for the National Ballet shows, not to mention our annual pantomime, not being able to flush the toilets or allow people to wash their hands is a major problem. If we don’t have water, the whole premises becomes a health hazard and has to be closed and with the recent outbreaks of cholera around the city, this situation becomes that little bit worse.

So, we are appealing to EVERYONE for donations! If you can, please bring us some water in containers (which we WILL look after and return to you) either to Reps directly or to the National Ballet Centre. If you can’t help with water, we will also need containers to store water in so those would be gratefully received as well (these will also be looked after and returned!)

Thank you in advance for any help you can give!

The Reps Team
Reps Theatre - Keeping Theatre 'Live!

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