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Monday, November 10, 2008

Cheques only accepted!

Most businesses in Zimbabwe are now only accepting cash - no cheques or credit cards!
Look at how this pans out.
One can only, as an individual, take out of your bank 500,000 a day - a business is allowed 1 million a day.
Your major bills - telephone, cell phone, electricity, water and rates - come to about 2,000,000 each - that is 10 million! One has to queue up for 20 days just to pay this amount - what about food etc???????
Then the electricity supply commission and the telephone company run out of receipts - one can only pay at one building in town - can you imagine the queues????
Most of a person's time is now spent getting money to pay bills and queuing to pay them!

This is complete lunacy - business will soon come to a standstill.

Most people were paid their salaries by transfer - now they are paid by cheque - cheques take up to five days to clear - payday is the 25th of the month. Bills are due about that date .

Chaos reigns!

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