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Monday, November 17, 2008

Econet - our favourite cell phone provider - has now changed its rules! One can no longer pay by cheque or 'plastic' Cash only. They require 2 million for a top up which will last 30 minutes - this has to be paid in cash and if you do not 'top up' you can loose your contract line. The 'top up' will be valid for 1 month only. We understand this is because they have not upgraded their billing system - so we have to suffer!!!!!!
Yesterday no phones on the land line system - today - thank goodness they are back - but no electricity since Saturday 2:30.
I am writting this with a stiff drink in front of me - it is 7 am - never before have I done this but it is vodka or tranquelizers!
We woke up to one freezer - the one with all my vegetarian food - completely defrosted. At 5 am we were transporting half or defrosted foods from our kitchen upright freezer to big chest freezer - the kitchen is a wash with water - oh well, the freezer needed defrosting anyway!
Adrian is cleaning up as I write - one plus - I found the eggplant I had frozen and could not find - rattatoulle tonight!
Thank goodness for the invertor - was able to watch Stargate last night - and will be able to watch again tonight.
I have been unable to bake bread so it is ryvita for breakfast - probably healthier.
Will blog again later today as have to run gernerator three times a day while the power is out.

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