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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Poem For Harry

A tiny scrap of orange fluff
You climbed up on my chest,
With big green eyes and roaring purr,
You plucked my heart right from my breast.

Timeless wisdom etched on your face;
Quiet councillor, mischievous gnome,
Tranquil presence, fiercest fiend,
Priceless gift to my hearth and home.

Most loyal friend, most precious gift,
The love you’ve given me!
On darkest nights you snuggled tight,
Now this dawn you will be free!

You kept me sane, you kept me strong
Your beauty and your sense of fun;
Princess, Orange Essence, Pot Of Gold,
Venus, Harry Hooligan, Goddess Of The Sun!

Harry was put to sleep this morning, she fought a good fight!

Susan McMillan
November 18 2008

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