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Sunday, November 16, 2008

No power!

We have had no power for nearly 48 hours. This means no internet most of the time as well There has been a major fault and a large part of Harare is powerless.

It started at 2:30 Saturday - we had a rain storm and that was it - no elecrticity!

We have solar lighting - and our alarm system hitched up to the solar panels so at least we have light and are alarmed.

However - no power means no water! We have not had municipal water for months - all our water comes from our borehole - which needs power to run! To be without water at the moment is really very serious as there is cholera raging within a mile or so of us.

We supply our maid with fresh drinking water - and a number of our friends and neighbours as well.

We have an invertor for running the TV and the computer but this lasts for only a limited period - then it has to be rechaerged - by power!

We have a generator but this needs petrol - very difficult to come by as petrol coupons are being used as currency. One cannot get enough money out of the bank to pay bills and no one will accept cheques or 'plastic' anymore!

We are running the generator now - for 3 hours to keep the freezers going.

This is no longer fun and games!

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