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Monday, November 24, 2008

We are always heartened to receive encouraging and heartfelt messages - this has just arrived from a Lind in Canada:

To My Dear Lind Family in Africa....we are very concerned for your safety and well beeing..It is difficult for we here in Canada to understand the situtation in your country. The subject was mentioned at our church service this morning. The shock that Jimmie Cartier and Mr. Mandella were not permited into your country was quite a blow.

I mentioned to our minster that I do hear from my Lind Family so I hope you don't mind me sending your last two e-mails to him to view, as he too is concerned.

Hope that your sons will arrive home safety.....Where are your maids, and gardner now ??/ have they gotten employment elsewhere ?are they able to support and get food for their families.....? Its a cruel world out there for many people.....

There has been a slow down with employment in USA and Canada...Don"t know where it will end....

Your all in our thoughts and prayers, so do not think you are alone as better days will follow......
Please keep in touch......I know your family is brave, and have courage......Lots of Love...Rosemary

Does the Red Cross or other Food agencies operate in your country at this time of terrible need ? Or doctors without help the sick and injured......Hope to hear from you soon.....

Our maid is still with us and we help to feed her and her family and provide medicines when needed. There is nothing available here for them.

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