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Monday, May 11, 2009

As winter approaches

It is amazing to see how quickly winter is approaching and one wonders what it will hold for us all.

There has been little change if any to our way of life since the accord was signed. the use of the USD and Rand has meant that one can now obtain most goods but only if you have USD or Rand......... many people do not have access to foreign currency or if they do it is hardly enough to pay their bills.

Bills are a cause for concern as their seems to be no reason behind the rates charged. One woman was last month charges 67,000 USD for her phone bill - ours ws $12.44 - what reason is behind this? I telephone every day to at least six people and some of my calls are long - half and hour or more.

We cannot pay out electricity bill as there is never anyone to receive the money at the post office and i refuse to stand in a queue in town - parking is a nightmare and muggings occur all too frequently. There is supposed to be a load shedding schedule out but no one seems to know where to find it - it certainly is not on the ZESA website.

Rubbish has not been collected for three weeks - but we did get out rates bill - USD 10 - some people have been charged 400 or more!

As for water - the water meter readers are still going their rounds despite the fact we have not had water for a year - thank goodness for boreholes - when we have power! I refuse to pay the water authority a cent! Why? For what service? Think we will disconnect the line - who wants dirty and probably disease ridden water anyway!

At least the sun is shining!

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