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Monday, May 4, 2009

Obtaining a re entry visa

Why if you are a permenent resident of Zimbabwe do you need a re entry visa - issued free for a year of multiple entries - this is surely a complete waste of time and man power!

On entry into SA one obtains a ‘temporary visitors’ entry stamp – whether one is working on a temporary work permit in Sa or is purely a visitor.
Our son went to obtain his stamp – as he has been working in SA on a temporary permit for three months. He has always kept his stamps up to date and never been out of the country for more than five months – far less than the 12 month limit.

The officials in Linquenda house did not want to stamp his passport this time as they claimed he was a resident of South Africa (which he is not). They were rude and un co-operative even when it was pointed out to them that he was not living in SA permanently.
After two trips to the office and his demand to see the immigration Act (which they did not have a copy of – and insisted we go and buy a copy and bring back to them – we have found out they are out of print so this would have been impossible!) one female officer stamped the passport – however the other three were against her doing so.

British passport holders should be warned of this problem as many would be intimidated and leave the country without their re entry visa – this could cause them problems when they wish to return to their country of residence – Zimbabwe.

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