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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

CZI has in the past few days received numerous complaints about TelOne bills with some having been disconnected. We would like to advise members that in our last engagement with Post and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ), we were advised of the following:
· The average charge per unit is US7c, this is the amount which apply for all TelOne bills
· TelOne had no authority to charge in Foreign Currency until the end of January 2009. This therefore implies that only bills from February 2009 can be paid in foreign currency.
· CZI has made it clear in its engagement with various utilities that retrospective billing will not be tolerated.
You are therefore advised to ensure that your TelOne bills are in line with the indicated rate per unit. If you are having any issues with your bills, please see Ms. Makwangwaidze at TelOne offices, Conner Julius Nyerere and Nelson Mandela Avenue.
For those outside Harare we will be advising you of the contact people in all major cities in due course.
If you fail to reach an understanding with TelOne, please contact CZI offices for further assistance.

On ZESA Bills
All MD users are again advised that only time of use tariff is applicable at a rate of US5,5c/kw for the period December 2008 to June 2009. No Maximum Demand Charge is applicable for the same period.

Change in CZI Subscriptions
CZI would like to inform all members that with immediate effect, our pricing system has been modified to allow discounts on early payment of subscriptions.

Our current subs per month are as follows;
Category A 160
Category B 80

The following discounted amounts will apply for members that pay within the first 7 working days
Category A 120
Category B 60

CZI Banking details were members may deposit the money are:
Bank name :Kingdom bank
Account number:41063181
Branch name :samora machel
Branch code :12105

CZI urges all members to notify us in the event that there are changes in email contact details to enable us to update our mailing list and ensure that you receive all the communication that we send out to members.


Kuda Matare
CZI PR & Communications Manager
31 J. Chinamano Avenue

Tel: 251490-6

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