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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Keegan Langley's Trust.

Placed today from the langley family...............

Dear family, friends, all who are friends of Sally and Adrians and finally all other Zimbabweans who have found themselves in a similar situation,


I'm writing to you all to make an appeal for Keegan Langley's Trust. This is a tough call.

As you may or may not know by now that my brother Adrian and Sally's son, Keegan, was involved in a car accident at Falcon College a couple of weeks ago.Where by Keegan came of the worst of the youngsters involved. Suffering serious Head injuries, and other bodily injuries. He was flown to Johannesburg Milpark Hospital. He is in the ICU there, in a coma, since the accident. To date, the Doctors are not sure as to the extent of the damage.
Never -the- less whatever the outcome the road to recovery is expected to be a long one. Spanning many, many months of tests, treatments, and possibly months of further treatments.

To compound the problem he has no Medical Aid / Insurance of any sort, and his folks do not have the wherewithal/ assets to meet the costs.Falcon College ( Where Sally teaches & the family lives) have been great & in recognising their situation have set up a Trust to try and assist. We as family are doing whatever we can to help & have attached a copy of their appeal.

Mailing this out to you all has taken a lot of thought - we obviously do not want to offend anyone. But have to ask for help.

Please take this in the light of the situation at hand. We are also appealing to you to send this to anyone or organization you may think can help or be able to assist in fundraising to assist with this traumatic situation.

Thank you all.

Mike and Jeanne.

RE Appeal: Please see the sets of circumstances re the funds and banks to use. Please could you when you make the deposit let the respective "caretakers" of the funds know who you are re email or as per their instructions to keep everything transparent/ traceable.

All Living in South Africa or Zimbabwe please see from Falcon College:.

Attention all living in Australia.

For all those in Australia who wish to answer our appeal for financial help for Keegan's Trust Fund:

I understand that for any single Transfer to Zim would be costing a fee of
A$32 per transaction. This would understandably be prohibitive to us all.
To therefore gain the most out of ones donations it would make sense to send all donations to one bank account. This has been set up by : Jerrard Ross where by all donations and transactions will be transparent.

To this end Jerrard Ross ( Au - Perth) Email address : Has done just this see Details out lined below.

Copied from R. Jerrard's communication.

The bank details are:

Bank: ANZ Bank

Account name: R Jerrard - Falcon College Acc

Account number: 570656167

BSB: 016112

The bank name, account number and BSB are needed to be quoted when individuals transfer funds. As of today the account is active with a nil balance so we are know where we stand.

I know this is not ideal but I think it will work - especially considering the urgency of the situation. May I suggest that if you are happy to proceed with this plan, that we circulate the bank details etc. When someone makes a transfer it is probably also worth Emailing me so I can track/reconcile with the bank.

As mentioned earlier I will be in the US until the beginning of May but we can commence collecting funds in the account in the interim and then we can liaise when I am back to make the transfer to you. I hope this timing is not too disruptive on your end.

I trust this is satisfactory

Kind regards


Ross Jerrard
Assurance & Advisory Services
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Direct: +61 (8) 9365 7057
Main: +61 (8) 9365 7000
Fax: +61 (8) 9476 4127
Mobile: +61 (0) 40405 2226 <>

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