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Friday, May 15, 2009

The latest in Zimbabwe robbery reports!

1 ) Two weeks ago a couple with their teenage son were watching TV in the lounge of their Greystone Park home. At approximately 20h00 four armed men broke into the house, tied up the occupants, beat up the husband before making off with ZAR26 000, USD1 300 and a couple of cellphones. The family’s ordeal was over in about 20 minutes.

2 ) On May 03 at approximately 04h00 an 82 year old male residing alone around the Arundel Park area in Mt Pleasant was awoken by noises outside his bedroom window. When he got up to investigate, a shot was fired into his bedroom. He managed to get under his bed and called for help from family members in the neighbourhood and it only took them less than five minutes to arrive on the scene. Fortunately the family member who responded ( he arrived at the house within five minutes ) was armed and fired a couple of shots in the air when he got to the property. The armed robbers, who by then had gained entry into the house and beaten up the old man forcing him to surrender his cellphone and USD1 500, made good their get-away when they heard the shots.

3) On Wednesday May 13 at about 02h00 a lady driving along Golden Stairs towards Mt Pleasant was tailed by vehicle whose occupants started firing shots at her vehicle. She managed to turn into Norfolk Road and sought assistance from guards manning one of the diplomatic missions on this road. The driver of vehicle that was tailing her just carried on driving along Norfolk Road. Fortunately she got away without any injuries.

4) Just last night at about 20h30 a very good friend of mine, Munyaradzi, who lives in Borrowdale Central around Borrowdale Road / Harare Drive area was followed home by a gang of six. When he opened his electric gate and drove in, four armed members of the gang entered his premises on foot and demanded money from him at gun point. The other gang members remained on guard outside the premises. When they realised that he didn’t have much cash on him, they force-marched him into his house where they threatened to rape his niece if he didn’t comply with their demands. He somehow managed to remain calm through out this whole ordeal. They only got USD130 and took his Volvo S80. His service provider for vehicle tracking managed to recover the vehicle with the assistance of the police after a high speed chase resulting in the vehicle being involved in an accident. The car jackers escaped in a get away vehicle.

Please pass on to all those you care about!

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