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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My advise - buy airtime from a reputable dealer!

I have just received this in my mail - watch out!
yersterday i was driving along Seke Road into town, the first robot - Julius Nyerere the robot was not working. It was being manned by a policeman who seemed to favour cars going out of town so it took me about 9 good minutes waiting to turn right at the robot. It was after 545pm. Whilst waiting i just sub conciously decided to buy air time for 5d business partner as there was a gentle man standing near me, I gave him my 5d and he gave me a business partner card for 5d, upon trying to use it at home, i just could not scratch it, i tried and something like paint came off but that was also damaging the code beyond recognition, i looked closely at the card and realised that its a used card that must have been re-selead with paint. Actually it was dirty

I suggest
1, lets avoid buying airtime cards on the robots unless one is able to ask the guy to scratch the card himself (which is not possible at robot crossing) 2. after using air time cards,lets destroy them beyond re-use

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