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Thursday, May 23, 2013



We are moving into the winter season and it seems that the incessant power cuts are back on a daily basis  …… this is the time to make sure that all alarms, remotes, gate motors and ALL security that runs off the power have a form of backup system to keep our homes, families and business premises safe …… this is a high priority.  Use the alarm at all times, even in the day light hours, keep gates locked where possible, police the traffic in and out of your premises at all times. Keep domestic animals inside at night this prevents any attempted poisoning, and dogs are more protective of property inside a home than outside.
There have been armed robberies reported with money being the main commodity asked for followed by laptops, mobile phones, IPods, cameras and jewellery …… not all of these break-ins occurring at night, some in broad day light.  Swimming pool, borehole pumps and gate motors are still in high demand, please check on a regular basis the cages and locks on these …. It is advisable to have an alarm sensor fitted nearby to alert you on any activity in the yard when the alarm is activated.

Travelling to the Airport at night seems to be another hazardous journey ….. not only are the car parks badly lit, there seems to be no or very little evidence of security on the ground.  The authorities hopefully are looking into the safety of passengers and their visitors and will make an effort to improve the Airport Security.  Surely this is also a concern for the Tourist Industry for would be tourists visiting our Zimbabwe?   This is not a good window to our country if you lose your luggage and belongings before you start your visit.  Be warned and be alert …..

Be vigil and wise when stopping on the roads to help those in need or those stranded, make sure you and your vehicle are safe and locked on stopping. Assist by all means, phone for help or the nearest Police Station and assist where possible but do not put yourself in jeopardy …. We are a caring nation; let’s keep it that way …. But make sure you are safe !  

We all need to play a part in the Security and safety of all ……. 

Let’s ALL fight this crime together  - stay ALERT and SAFE ! 


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