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Friday, May 17, 2013




REMEMBER: When Driving or walking,  Animals always have the right of way
KEEP KARIBA CLEAN  Keep litter to yourself, in your vehicle or boat and empty only at designated points.

Midweek a resident phoned Natureways to advise she had just seen a Baboon by the Caribbea Bay Bus Stop that had been hit by a car. They  went and picked up National Parks and went to assess its wounds. The baboon had to be put down  What really upset everyone was, they could see where it was hit and then it looked like it had stones thrown at it, as there were a number of large rocks lying all around it.

Tormenting it when it could do nothing to escape.

Sadly this is still happening a lot around Kariba with Elephants, Zebra etc. Youngsters with packs of dogs and stones set the dogs on the wild animals and throw the stones at the animals.  The signs that are going up will ensure that should they be caught, Parks and Wild Life  will then deal with them.  The problem is that it happens so quickly it is difficult for Parks to get to the scene in time and deal with the offenders.

Parks  and local fishermen that use the shoreline continued with their clean clean up of the shoreline from the Airforce through to Kaburi area.

                                      Debbies Folly - Version 2.jpg

Grass cutting has again begun at the Airport. Mr C Horsely kindly advised us when they began. 

We are to make the necessary security arrangements with the Airport Manager to do the same as was done last year for these bales that are used to feed on Antelope Island, Starvation Island if Bumi Safari Lodge requires as well as Gache Gache Enviromental Protection Zone who have advised they will be needing.

Natureways, Hornbill Lodge and Dunluce helped last year to get this together with their Baler machine and some staff as well as hurtling out to the airport every day for a couple of weeks to drop all off as well as an always kind Kariba Resident who collected the bales and moved them to their holding area. They will be helping again this year THANK GOODNESS !!! It is a frantic couple of weeks for those involved but well worth the effort as moving hay from Harare is a task and a half and a huge cost.  This saves an enormous  amount.  However we are still asking for donations for Fuel, bale twine and casual labourers, even $5 helps !!!

              SNARES APR 2013 Snare Patrol 2nd april.jpg
29/4/13  – 11 snares Dump Area to University rd.
Yet another bunch of PTC cable found near main road close to dumps. This type of material is regularly used to make up snares.The number of human residents at the dumps has increased as well as the snaring. A total of 11 snares were found 8 of which were very fresh. 4 bush buck and a few ele’s seen.

30/4/13 -  2 heavy snares - From rifle range going past Nyamunga to University rd. 2 fresh heavy wire rope snares found, 6 buffalo and 4 kudu seen as well a a Ele cow with a very young calf.

1/5/13  No patrol.

     SNARES APR 2013 30-4-13.jpg

2/5/13  – 8 heavy snares - New area. Human spoor was followed leading to the recovery of  8 fresh heavy duty wire rope buffalo snares. A fair amount of fresh buff and kudu spoor seen.

3/5/13 - 19 heavy snares  -Continued search of above. Same spoor picked up again. 2 old snares recovered and 17 fresh heavy duty wire rope snares recovered. A buffalo carcass was found with all flesh removed. A lot of buff/kudu activity in this new area. Crew also heard two lions calling .

African proverb -  If you think you are too small to make a difference, you have never spent the night with a mosquito 

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