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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Smoking and other comments

Re Health Conscious citizen: The largest single source of forex to the Zim economy, with the possible exception of Diamonds, is Tobacco.
Tobacco pays your bills, so think about this the next time someone lights up close to you, and maybe focus on the drinkers who may run a red light or beat up their wives when they get home! There is no concrete evidence linking passive smoking to cancer, despite the legislation and the hype. Much like the thinking that  the ‘’bad air’’ (mal aria) from the swamps was the cause of Malaria when it was of course the mozzie! FYI obesity now kills more people than smoking!
To: Health Conscious Citizen. I hear you loud and clear. I do understand that the matter of smoking is unavoidable in ‘pub’ or ‘club’ type environments, however I feel very strongly about the subject of smoking in restaurants and in particular ‘family’ restaurants.  We are a family of four and it makes me furious on the very occasional time that we go to a restaurant, not only does the restaurant not cater for separate smoking and non-smoking areas, but the total arrogance and ignorance shown by other patrons when they pick up cigarette after cigarette with no consideration of the fact there are small children sitting in close proximity. I am an ex-smoker myself and so no-one can tell me I am not able to empathise with smokers, but we are all well aware of the proven dangers of passive smoking and it is really not going to cause serious hardship to someone to step outside for two minutes for a cigarette, or indeed wait until after the meal to smoke.  Besides, Zimbabwe falls well behind the first world on smoking regulations, so it is about time we took the effects of smoking more seriously and in particular where it offends and affects others.  Even if you take out the health issues, if I am going out to enjoy a meal, the last thing I need is to have someone blowing smoking across my table.  Let’s just hope that people will start to think about their actions and consider those around them.  From “Lets considers others”.
Having read ‘Health Conscious Citizen’s comments on restaurants allowing smoking – I would like to say that I lived five years in Australia, recently returning to this country and I find it absolutely refreshing that all types of people are tolerated here, including smokers, and that we can still express our individual freedom.  Although I’m not a smoker and never have been, I’m happy to see people being allowed their rights to do as they please.  I personally found first world countries almost suffocating in their rules and regulations to the point where people are no longer allowed to think for themselves – our country might have its problems but at least we’re still allowed some freedom of personal expression here, so I love the way our little country is still stuck in the archaic times as it means we take responsibility for ourselves as individuals.
This country’s economy is based largely on tobacco growing and I’m always fascinated that tobacco is branded as bad for one’s health but no mention is ever made of the exhaust fumes that pour out of millions of vehicles constantly.  An interesting fact is that it was noted that the longest living Asian people smoke pure tobacco every day of their lives and live well into their hundreds. May I suggest that Health Conscious Citizen find a restaurant or cafĂ© that doesn’t allow smoking and frequent that one. Letusbewhoweare……
Reading your mail of the 20th, I’d like to advise that we had intruders in our house in Milton Park (Old Hararians area) in the early hours of Tuesday morning.  They climbed over our gate into our yard and forced entry through a locked security gate into our kitchen with a 6 lever security lock on it, then forced through a stable door with a 3 lever lock on it.  Absolute brute force with a strong metal object must have been used.  Fortunately we were unaware of the intrusion until I got up around 4.45 a.m. when I saw torchlight and heard voices.  They departed having taken a wallet with a small amount of cash and 2 very ordinary cellphones.  We were shaken but unharmed and were relieved that the thieves left the wallet (empty of cash) with id and driver’s licence cards and the 2 sim cards from the phones!  Sixty Something.
I am also a resident in Strathaven.  We had intruders try to take the gate motor a couple of weeks ago.  We have now welded everything down!!  I have now ordered a Wireless perimeter alarm which monitors movement outside the house. An inside alarm is ineffective these days.  You want to stop the intruder before he gets into the house.  This alarm can be bought in separate units and built onto if necessary.  So for peace of mind you can start with one or two covering the front and back entrances.  Then get additional as you can afford it. the consultant was very generous and concerned about ladies on their own and he says he can offer a payment plan. I am also linked to Safeguard reaction, so at least some one will come if the alarm triggers. I would never go outside at night if there is a disturbance. My friend was attacked when he went to switch off the generator at 7 pm at night. I also keep the dogs inside the house as they are usually poisoned by intruders.  Don’t become a break in statistic!
Please inform your appalled anti-smoking correspondent that restaurants do not allow smoking indoors. There is usually a place outside for smokers. I would advise him to go inside and stop complaining. Allow the remaining smokers to have their meal in peace without being frowned upon.    Smoker.                                                                                                                                                  PS Or continue his healthy travels abroad.  
Yet again I was on the road to harare from chinhoyi and yet again I was appalled by an incident on the road. About 20km from the dyke my wife, who was driving, noticed an ambulance flashing at her to allow him passed. Naturally she slowed right down and pulled over to allow the emergency vehicle past as we had just passed an accident scene where a vehicle was being recovered from the road side. As we reached the mutorashanga turn off just before the dyke I was disgusted to see the very same ambulance pulled over, back doors wide open and in the time it took us to drive past, at least 3passengers boarded the vehicle while others from this popular informal bus stop flocked round hoping for a ride also. I instructed my wife to let me know when the ambulance caught up. Lo and behold at the level crossing, over a double line and on a blind corner, he overtook us again with his lights flashing. Happily I was prepared and made use of my cellphone to snap the attached picture of the perpetrator, licence plate quite visible. I think we should use the cellphone as a tool to present evidence to companies and police of poor and dangerous driving on our roads. It keeps passengers alert and involved in the journey which in turn helps the driver stay more alert. Sick of poor drivers.
Please note that these are all readers comments and I do not necessarily agree with any or all of them – Mike G


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