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Friday, May 10, 2013

Hello to all the friends and supporters of the Harare Spca.

For a change I would like to bring you up to date with positive and happy news from our Society.

The surgery at the Harare Spca is in the process of receiving a  “face lift”.  This has been an incredibly daunting task , headed by  a feisty red-headed lady who prefers to remain anonymous. This wonderful lady has selflessly given of her time and money and put all her heart into this extremely demanding and difficult  challenge and she has taken it on single- handed. She has travelled the distance to the surgery every day and sat and supervised operations over weekends and public holidays. She believes she will be ‘persona non-grata ‘ in this town because of the  never ending requests for help. I TRULY BELIEVE SHE HAS BROUGHT TO LIGHT THE WONDERFUL AND GENEROUS PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO SURROUND US AND SUPPORT US WITH THIS WORTHY CAUSE .  Our begging bowl seems to be constantly extended. WE have received donations from individuals as well as companies and anonymous sponsors of funding, building supplies, water (like liquid gold when there simply isn’t any), and professional advice and from those who cannot help financially.   We have received many kind  e-mails , letters and phone calls that have given us  emotional support. I have even been contacted by Zimbabweans living abroad who have wished us well in or efforts. Thank you

We would also like to welcome two newly employed ladies at the surgery. Sarah Vice has joined the team as our Animal Welfare Officer.  She is qualified as a Veterinary Nurse and has trained in animal behaviour and more. Sarah faces an emotional roller-coaster ride, dealing with all the  ever increasing, incoming cases.
The Valcol Group  helped us to find Linda Haddon, our new Administration Manager. Thanks to Colin and his team. We couldn’t have done this without your help. We are delighted and relieved to have both these eager , animals loving ,ladies on the team. They have walked into  offices and hospital wards that require an immense amount of work. They are both strong, spirited ladies who are itching to move forward, off Noah’s ark and into a modern, functioning hospital , cattery and kennels.

Once the building of the convalescence blocks is complete we must gut and refurbish our wards. They were built many  years ago and need serious upgrading. WE keep them scrubbed and disinfected and keep the animals as comfortable as possible, yet it is like walking into a dark, dismal dungeon. The doors  to the cages are old and bent, the walls need to be stripped and repainted. We need to build cages to accommodate big dogs and mums with new puppies.  The lighting  and plumbing need fixing and we need to install some kind of extractor fans for fresh air. Our parvo- virus unit is an outside room , too far from the main wards. It is a glorified steel hut and too hot in summer and freezing in winter.

Well this is for the future and we can only take one day at a time.

Now, once again my begging bowl is out. This, believe me is not an easy thing to do. It is very humbling . We have no choice and must rely on you, the public  and sponsors for support.

WE would like to ask if anyone is able to help us with a regular, monthly donation of fuel for our vehicles. Our mobile units travel out daily to dip, vaccinate and collect sick and injured animals. We will soon be starting spay and neuter campaigns in high density suburbs to try and decrease the unwanted litters of pups and kittens born on the streets and left to fend for themselves . WE travel to collect animals injured in road traffic accidents . Our  inspectors  and managers constantly drive around responding to calls involving strays and abuse. We also collect surrendered dogs and cats as many people cannot afford to keep them. When we re-home pets we go and check that the homes are suitable and follow up with a post home check to ensure the animals are being taken care of. The driving is endless. We desperately need help in order to be able to continue with these much needed services we offer.
WE are more than happy to have the sponsors  logos  on our new vehicles , which were bought through funds raised at last year’s golf day . Magnetic stickers are probably the best way of doing this.
Another donation that we would truly appreciate is ‘air time’ for our cell phones. Our landlines are often out of order and we need to keep in touch with the public as well as with our vets, drivers and inspectors out on calls. Any donations can be dropped off (in a sealed envelope) at our Zim National Spca offices on Enterprise Road ( opposite Nazareth House). Please mark “ For Harare SPCA, attention Des Hacker and leave your contact details.

It you are willing to help  in anyway ,please contact me on or call 0712 404 486 (afternoons only please)

Once again thank you. We are only able to keep going because of YOU                     


Desi Hacker

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