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Sunday, May 19, 2013


Eight years ago, I sent out my very first newsletter from the Bally Vaughan Animal Sanctuary, and I used a quote from Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ which says, “Attend! We are now at the beginning. When we get to the end of the story, we will know more than we do now.” How true that quotation has proved to be, in so many ways. Having been involved at Bally Vaughan for sixteen years in various capacities, I have leased the property from the owner since 2005. It is with great sadness that I announce that my time at Bally Vaughan is coming to a close as, unable to afford a rental increase, my lease here has not been renewed. The running of Bally Vaughan Animal Sanctuary will indeed revert to Debbie and Gordon Putterill , the people responsible for the Sanctuary prior to my leasing the property.
 I am moving, together with my dedicated team of staff and volunteers, to a new location in Arcturus – a stunning setting on 70 acres of indigenous woodland and granite kopjes, set around a beautiful dam. The animals I have rescued over the past years, with the support of so many wonderful, generous people, will be coming with me. The new rescue and rehabilitation centre will be known as The Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary. The building of this safe haven for our beloved family of rescued animals is being made possible by the overwhelming support of our friends and sponsors who have been with us on this roller-coaster journey of joy and heartbreak, triumphs and tragedies and who have given the animals in our care the life they so deserve. It is these same people who helped to keep Bally Vaughan alive during my tenancy - some of the most challenging years in this country’s history. I have never been more aware of, or more grateful for, the love and support that uplifts and enables us to rescue and rehabilitate so many animals in need. From the twenty thousand people visiting our facebook page with messages of encouragement, to the offers of everything from earth-moving equipment to temporary homes for animals – the sadness of leaving a place so dear to me has been eased by the kindness of so many people.
I will always be grateful for the time I spent at Bally Vaughan and my only wish is that the animals that remain behind will continue to be as loved, cherished and nurtured as they have been for the last eight years. Every one of them will be in my heart always.
I look forward to seeing you all at the Twala Trust once we are open to the public. To quote Ann Tyler - “And, sometimes, you get to what you thought was the end, and you find it’s a whole new beginning.”
With love and heartfelt thanks
Sarah and all at the Sanctuary

Sarah Carter
The Twala Trust
Bally Vaughan Sanctuary
Tel: 263 772592944   263 733436239
fb: Bally Vaughan Animal Sanctuary


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