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Monday, June 3, 2013

Anti Hijack Trust


May has seen some nasty house robberies, with the thieves persisting after being disturbed by coming back later on in the early hours of the morning to finish off the job and get away what they came for.  It seems that its always money, jewellery, mobile phones, laptops, cameras, and any expensive gadgets that are in demand.  Please do not think as its winter, the perpetrators are not out there, they are ….  waiting for any opportunity that comes along.  Make sure all alarms are activated at all times where possible, and backup systems are in good working order.  Cases have been reported of having been ‘saved’ by alarms going off and the thieves being disturbed and Reaction Teams arriving to either apprehend or scare them off.  Be very vigilant when going out to switch off generators after a power cut, there could be a gang waiting for the open door to gain entry to the house or premises. Please keep your animals inside at night, there are cases of poisoning and this is a very stressful situation for all concerned. 

Please be aware that when travelling between cities on a bus, not to have your valuables on your lap or in view.  A double decker bus travelling from Bulawayo to Harare with a couple of incidents reported …. as the bus slows down at a roundabout or give way stops, of the window being smashed and handbags been snatched off the travelers lap.  Was this window chosen at random or was it marked by informers? …… These companies that ferry passengers to and from destinations should have some form of security available or at least a warning to travellers as they embark.  

Areas that have been reported to have had more than one robbery in the same day or week, which means there are gangs out there working which are armed and not deterred by being disturbed are Chisipite, Strathaven, Milton Park, Belvedere, Lincoln Green, Ridgeview. Be warned …. Lets make this a safe country to visit and to live.

Please be advised that ANTIHIJACK do not come out to the scene, either during the day
or night, but will assist where possible.

Let’s ALL fight this crime together  - stay ALERT and SAFE ! 

Phone : 0772221921 or your nearest Police Station.

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