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Sunday, June 16, 2013

SA Immigration Officials at Beit Bridge.

From: Robert Anderson
Hi Mike,

I have just had a word with a Mr Hatendi at the South African Embassy in Harare, on the subject
of the abusive, uncooperative behavior of the SA Immigration Officials at Beit Bridge.

He tells me that he is inundated with Reports about this, but unless Complainants can give the
Name of the Official and the date and time of the incident, Home Affairs Head Office, claim that
they cannot take any action on the complaint.

I suggested that what is needed is an undercover inspection by SA Home Affairs at Beit Bridge,
whereby such ‘’ Inspectors’’ can see and experience what, these nasty little people, masquerading
as Immigration Officials, are subjecting us too.

On the subject of Pensioners being granted the right to proceed to the head of a queue, he states
that the SA Constitution respects the rights of the Elderly to be treated with dignity and to be
accommodated in such instances and we should be afforded the opportunity to be served without
spending hours in a queue. The moral of the story is, stand your ground and demand your rights, not
forgetting to note the name of the Official, from their Name Badge pinned to their Shirt.

Please publish this story or the gist of it, urging Folk to record the Name of the Official and report
detail of any abusive behavior  to the SA Embassy ( Mr Hatendi ).



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