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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Theft allert

There seems to be 2 guys driving around and entering people’s properties during the day claiming they are looking for/ chasing someone – one is Black and one Coloured.

I was called on Friday night about 2 similar instances in Greystone Park

Please be on the lookout for them
Mike G

When I saw this – it was like “reading my own experience”.

I also live on The Chase – and the same thing happened to me a week ago, last Friday around 4.45 p.m..  2 men lifted my gate (despite having an “anti-lift” bar on it) and entered my property – one a large African man and the other a coloured.  Both were wearing earrings and necklaces/chains – which distracted my maid and me from studying their faces.  They came on the pretext of delivering a parcel, which they tried to coax my maid to go to their car “parked outside” with the coloured man, to collect the parcel.  Fortunately we’d seen them walking down the driveway – one going to the back door and one to the front.  My maid went to the back and I went to the front, where the grill door was closed and my dogs went crazy!  The coloured man had a knife in his belt.  i think, because there was more than one person around and my maid called the gardener, and the dogs barking – they decided we were not such a soft touch, said it must be the wrong house and casually strolled out.  On the way to the gate, one of them phoned someone and said “this is not the house, where’s the car…” – someone on the roadside saw them get into a black car and drive away.  People must be vigilant – they obviously work on the element of surprise with their victims!

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