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Sunday, June 16, 2013


I have had so many emails about these 2 guys ! yet another one today in Greendale.
My ex Gardener, Owen, had been stealing small things from my house little by little over the past few months. We caught him eventually when he “Borrowed’ my spare car one night a couple of Fridays ago. My driver then told me a brilliant Shona saying that someone had told him after a similar incident which I hope will apply in this instance.
One day the baboon will miss the branch!
please continue to look out for them. Mike G
Readers emails tonight:
These two,  I am told by my gardener,  hit the house diagonally behind ours at 2pm today. . . apparently got away with jewellery.  We are in Chamberlain Rd in Greendale and the house behind me is in Bromsgrove. . .
I just read your email last night about the 2 men going around to people’s houses and I warned my maid and gardener about them too. I rent a cottage in Greendale, and this afternoon at about 2.30pm, I was in my bedroom and heard my son calling me as there was someone to see me at the door.  I was surprised as we hadn’t let anyone in the gate, then I looked and saw the gate was pushed slightly open.  When I got to the door, the black man with earrings and rings was standing there, he asked me if the main house was for rent,  I replied it wasn’t and that he must have the wrong place.  With that he called to the other guy that they must have the wrong house and he came running across the lawn from the main house (why was I not surprised to see the other guy was the paler skinned guy?).  I called my son to walk with me to the gate to follow these guys out, I wanted to get a look at their car but the paler guy blocked me at the gate and asked me aggressively why I was following them and that I should go back inside.  I replied I wanted to close the gate, again aggressively he asked why I was shaking “like that!” and that I must go and see the gardener round the back (delaying tactics!)  In the meantime the other guy had shouted to the car to drive away, it then drove round the corner and they ran after it.  I never did get to see the car.

I believe they watched the lady from the main house leave, they knew the gardener was around the back so must have been watching the property. My son told me that the black guy had opened our front door and come into our cottage and only when my son, who was in the adjoining room, said hello to who he thought was the maid, did the guy quickly back out again.  My son went straight to the door to see who was there and the man now waiting outside asked if “your mom is here?”

I was lucky my son was there as my laptop was on the table right next to the front door and could easily have been taking. Upon alerting the next door gardener, he mentioned they had been to a house on the road down from us a couple of weeks ago.  So please warn everyone to be very careful and keep secure and don’t think it won’t happen to you because these men are moving swiftly through all the neighbourhoods. 

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