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Monday, June 3, 2013

Friend Foundation

Now, once again my begging bowl is out this time for a cause where the victims cannot speak for themselves therefore have people like Friend Animal Foundation to speak for them and of course me !! . Believe me, this is not an easy thing to do. It is very humbling . Alas they  have no choice but to rely on you, the public  and sponsors for support.

Friend Animal Foundation is not just  a dog and cat pound, it offers refuge to an alarmingly growing number of goats, sheep, pigs, horses, birds, chickens, a cane rat, guinea pigs and many many more.  They are an institution that offers a safe- haven to unwanted, neglected, abused and lost animals in a city or town.   The Friend Animal Foundation take in the hungry, the sick and the injured.  They give them a chance when others have given up on them and abandoned them.  They try to find their owners or they endeavour to find homes for the unwanted ones.  They treat illnesses, help mothers giving birth and offer comfort to the animals who have been forgotten. Yes, these animals are fed, kept dry and warm and they are given veterinary care......but, they spend hours, days, weeks and months in a cage. They are victims of the uncaring and uneducated humans who have bred them, sold them, abandoned them and chosen not to care for them.  

Recently  at the Friend Animal Foundation we had to make the saddest decisions and break a promise that their Founder made that no animal would be put down, they had to euthanize some of their beloved animals.  It was a very very hard decision to make and broke the hearts of each and every staff member there but the time had come to choose some of the cats and dogs that were humanely put to sleep.  A last farewell...a pat and a cuddle to those who were overlooked and had not been chosen, those that had been locked up for too long or those that were just never going to be placed.  They did not make these decisions lightly. The picture of the fear and acceptance in the eyes of these animals remains embedded in their hearts forever.

Our appeal for help needs to reach each and every Zimbabwean.  It  will make the lives of the animals they house a little easier.  They need food and drugs for the animals , they need fuel for their vehicles and wages for their staff .  They need maintenance done on their buildings and grounds. The list goes on and on.

WE would like to ask if anyone is able to help us with anything on our following WISH LIST.  No matter how small or large your donation is , it is always greatly received.

Dog Food (as discussed) we use 60kg/week
Cat Food (dry) also 60kg/week
Poultry Grain 25kg/week
Donkey/sheep/goat/horse meal 50kg/week
Rabbit/guinea pig Pellets 25kg/week

Now on to the other requirements which are quite urgently needed...:

Blankets are ALWAYS needed
Cats and Dogs baskets/beds
Wooden Shelving for cats
Cat Cages for transporting
Buckets and Brooms
Cold Room
20 ft container for storage
Dewormers and Dips
Refurbish Clinic area.... needs new flooring, new doors and a general paint
Industrial Washer
Dog Kennel Doors need attention and Gates need new hinges
Fencing 200metres 6ft 50mm Diamond and 100metres Chicken mesh

If you are looking for a pet please pop into the The Friend Animal Foundation kennels soon.  Save a life this week.

If you can help in cash or kind please contact me on

Thank you

Debbie Victor
Cell : +263 772 603 847
Skype : debbie.victor2

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