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Sunday, June 16, 2013


Driving down Borrowdale Road this morning after the OK Grand Challenge, was a challenge - the rubbish from the Grand Challenge yesterday is appalling. I can only wonder if Delta is arranging for a team to go out and clean up after their Race Day or will they just leave the mess for locals to get together to clean up after them.
Reps Show: I went to see it last weekend and it is EXCELLENT!!  Slick, entertaining, funny – all in all, a fantastic way to spend your evening!  I really recommend people buy their tickets in advance to avoid disappointment though.
Having read the above......................I agree. I often do well-mannered gestures for elderly folk only to get no thanks or even acknowledgement. There have been complaints about young people in Zimbabwe losing manners........................WRONG !! Our youth are some of the best mannered in the world. Some of the older people need to watch their manners and not be grumpy and rude. Our youngsters learn by example after all.   Middle aged biddy
Last night we had 2 intruders jump over our razor wire. We seem to think that they were just scouting the house and cars as nothing was taken or disturbed, so they may be back soon. The only reason that we know they were there is that my maid heard them walking around the property and looked out her window and saw them. She smsed us but unfortunately we did not hear it come through and she did not have airtime to call. So just please inform people that intruders are out and about in our area we live on Cheryl Road.
These guys have just been at our home in Greendale.  I had gone out, the gardener was at the far end of the property, they got in through the bottom gate and one tried to get in the main house, the black guy wearing rings and earrings entered the cottage, when one of the kids called out hello thinking it was the maid coming from lunch he went out closing the door.  the teen followed him and he started asking about the property and wanted to speak to 'mum'.  The teen called his mum who while shouting for the gardener managed to get them both off the property.  This was at 205pm.  I had driven out the upper gate not 5 mins before.  Please alert people that these guys are mobile opportunists. Thanks. Some shaken up young ladies and kids
Interesting to note in the financial report just received is the ongoing weakening of the SA rand against the $US.  Of concern in the complete absence of this in the retail-pricing in this country. What can be done about the price-fixing that goes on in supermarkets and large retail outlets? As we import most of our stuff from SA, I find it reprehensible that the public is forced to pay exorbitantly-high prices for groceries. Costs have not even stabilised. On the contrary they continue to rise. How is this possible? One suspects they are in cahoots to keep prices rising, just as there seems to be an unofficial policy to keep rand coins out of circulation. Penny Pincher
I have seen a group of 3 coloureds and 1 large black in highlands and Chisi driving a Matt black Lexus is300 over the last few months.  I believe I may have run into them at friends house where the coloureds were attending with my friends daughter.  A lot of tech equipment was stolen from the very same house a week later but with no proof so no follow up.  I would put money on this being the same group. The car stands out as it is MATT black. Prob the only 1 of its type in Harare. Very dark tinted windows. The driver and 1 passenger had shaved lines in their hair when I saw them last. Not sure if this helps but maybe it can provide a little more info for ppl to look for.
I am sure they are the same people that came to our house this last Saturday, my maid was in the bathroom and my 5yr old boy was watching cartoon alone in the lounge. There was a knock on the door according to my 5yr old then he went to call my maid, on their way to the door the coloured guy was already inside the house on the passage that leads to the bathroom. My maid asked him what he wanted and he said "just looking at the house" then he walked out. My maid thought this guy was with our landlord but only to release he was in company of a another person who was already walking out the gate. When I got home dhe told me but I also thought the same as our landlord has brought in a few people to check on this cottage. When I read about this article this morning, that when I called my landlord to confirm whether he knew about  people, to my surprise he knows nothing about. I am sure they are the same guys. Please watch guys. Right now I am thing what if they took my 5yr old with them ....... please something has to be done NOW it high!!!
these two have been at my gate twice in the past few weeks but as I am always suspicious, I never let them in or went to the gate despite that fact that they were very insistent that 1) they had a letter for me from a company in Msasa - the first time and 2) they were from a company in Belvedere that had a parcel for me - the 2nd time.  Both times it sounded like it was the 'coloured' guy that was speaking - very well spoken.  From what I see from all the e/mails below, it appears that these guys are very active and if the car they have been using has already been spotted a number of times and the licence plate recorded, have the police been notified and what are they doing about it??  Up to now, these guys seem to have been non-violent but one wonders how long that will last.  Do you know if the police have been notified??
Those two men have operated together for years. They have come right into our premises (Garden Flats) twice over the years...brazen! They use the same M.o. - Looking for a place to rent!
Last Friday we had a coloured chap come to our gate in Belvedere, with a heart breaking story about how he had previously told my husband ( who has no recollection of this having happened!) that he and his wife were having marital problems, and how she had recently left him, and was now 7 months pregnant.  He proceeded to tell me that he had just heard that morning that she had committed suicide, killing his baby,  and her family were sms'ing him, blaming him etc etc and he was desperate to get a bus to go see for himself and sort things out etc etc ! My "domestic engineer", while waiting for her lift home, overheard this same chap pleading with the guys who sell mealies on the corner, however miraculously his wife was no longer dead by suicide, but now has befallen some other disaster. Apparently he has been seen around Divine and Downie Roads, each time with a different "drama" plea.
Today we had an experience with what my husband and I believe to be the same two "bad guys" in your reports. The amazing thing is that just yesterday I had read about them-, printed out the letter [we have been away and came back this week-end].
My husband and I were totally flabbergasted when this afternoon, at about 1:15pm one of the dental nurses who works at our home based surgery, called us to speak to two people who were waiting outside wanting to "see the Doctor'-
My husband went out and because of your letter, was immediately on the alert.

We leave our gate open for patients coming and going, but have now realised we are very vulnerable at lunch times, -hence no more open gate between one and two.
When there chaps saw me, the two nurses and my husband they must have had second thoughts because they began to head for the gate.

The one was a well built African and the other, a fairly well built coloured man.
The African was wearing white T shirt and dark trousers, the coloured man dark denims and a red shirt.
They left hurriedly when my husband pulled out his cell-phone to photograph them.
They had parked outside, with the boot open so that the number plate was not visible, they pushed the greyish/silver Mercedes sedan away pretending it would not start. The front plates were not visible either-too far down the road.
I am inclined to believe that they are using more than one vehicle. The nurses said they had seen these tow chaps once before and were very wary of them. Seeing so many of us may have deterred them from further mischief. We are taking action to prevent any further encounters with these people.

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