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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Traffic lights - from a contributer

I have to advise that when people say keep your whereabouts alive when driving back from the airport this should not be taken lightly.

I was driving back from the airport after collecting my boss who flew in from SA and I slowed down at this Intersection as the traffic light was red, looked around but there was only a vehicle in front of me and nothing else.  There were two different areas where you could see two other vehicles had had their windows smashed (the glass was not there on Friday morning when I was returning from the airport so this must have happened over the weekend).  I was explaining to my boss that this was a horrible place to stop at night because of the smash and grab.  The next minute the back passenger window shattered - shock, fear horror of seeing this young little boy aged between 18 and 30 (it was dark) looking straight at me as I struggled with him to keep the bag from leaving the window.  Unfortunately it was my golf bag which could not fit in the boot of the car as it is a small Nissan.  My boss had his bag between his legs in the front of the car thank goodness.  As my boss and I fought with him to keep the bag from leaving the vehicle he then proceeded to smash the front passenger window which then left my boss bleeding on his face.  We both let go from that and he ran to the left of the road and I tried to chase him in the vehicle but due to the smallness of the vehicle - I could not ramp over the island and follow him into the open cemented wall where the slats are missing.  I got to highlands police station asked them if they had a vehicle to see if we could find this person but instead I stood and gave them a report and was told that I would be contacted today.  

Anyway so if anyone sees a black Nike bag and set of golf clubs for sale please could they inform you - I would be so lucky.

Please all take care and the thought that he now has golf clubs in his possession is scary as being smacked with one of those is not a pleasant feeling.



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