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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Borreholes drying up

It appears that the boreholes in Hatcliff suburb, where our maid and gardener live, are drying up! This will be a very serious situation as the facilities for bathing etc will be Nil. we have just about emerged from the cholera outbreak and this could start again!

People are selling water from their bole holes which could lead to a serious situation as many boreholes will be depleted by those who are profiteering from this situation.
How can it be stopped????

We use water sparingly - have had no Municipal water now for two years but we ensure we do not water the verges outside our property or the grass inside - the plants that need water get it twice a week and we water the vegetable garden but little else. We share a bath - wash our clothes using a washing machine once a week - why do so many people waste one of our very precious resources?

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