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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cremation in Harare

Note from Mike G - I was talking to Mike Manson, (0912- 685-601) the Managing Director of Nuffield Funeral home, a few days ago about the lack of a decent Crematorium in Harare. Bulawayo citizens had a similar problem a few years ago and they mobilised the whole community to do something about it - the end result was that a new crematorium was opened in Bulawayo a few months ago.

I believe that we have a larger group of people with the right kind of contacts up here in Harare to do something about it. It would appear that the current ones need lots of attention and it may be better to start from scratch. So who's going to put up their hands to make it happen?? Remember that saying by one of the golfing greats 'If it is to be it is up to me',. At the end of the day we all die eventually and our cemeteries do not seem like the place most of us want to end up in!! If you want a cremation you have to go to Mutare when they have gas!!
From: Angeline NUFFIELD FUNERAL HOME19 Kay Gardens Kensington, Harare
In view of volume of cremations being done through the Hindu type in Mutare (one per day). We believe it is imperative that the gas operated units (2of) at Warren Hills need to be completely effectively and efficiently refurbished, as a matter of urgency.
The 2 units at Warren Hills crematorium are capable of cremating 4 per day depending on the time taken for each cremation service.
We feel with assistance from the committee we should be able to rectify the current situation within the near future.
Please contact:-
Michael Monson 0912 685 601
Barry Millward 023 778 267
Office numbers 798380/733434

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