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Monday, August 31, 2009

From Mike Gardener

I went along to Mount Pleasant Swimming pool today to check it out for all you swimmers out there. The water is very clean , temperature was 20 Deg C and it is being managed by a very pleasant lady called Florah
(0912-340488). Entrance Fee US$1 . The Triathlon assoc and Gateway highschool are providing chlorine and similar chemicals. Florah gave me a list of things that are required to improve it even more. These include various gardening tools, paint and pool chemicals as well as the following: . 1 x 50m Suction hose 2. Welding of holes on pump hose pipes (Pipe work)3. 50m Ropes (synthetic) 4. 2 x 50cm Pool brushes 5. Repair of pump – seal needed 6. Servicing and repairing of valves / replacing7. Chlorination 8. 2 x Strainer baskets
Please contact Florah if you would like to offer you assistance (0912-340488). - Thanks Mike G

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