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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Green Day

Dear Fellow Harare Dwellers,

Has anyone noticed how filthy Harare is becoming? I am sure we all have. Has anyone noticed that noone really cares anymore? I have. I was shocked recently to drive to New Marlborough (Red Roofs) and see piles and piles of garbage lining the road. The situation is the same here in Mt Pleasant, along Bargate where we not only have that vile smell of raw sewage but also a huge dumping problem. I am sure things are worse in other parts of the city. Has anyone noticed the pavement vendors along Robert Mugabe near Eastgate? Why is all this going unchecked? Why is no one concerned?

Lets do something. Zimbabweans are known for their cleanliness. We had the Sunshine City once and we can restore it. The city council has the highest paid workers in the country. Can they actually start earning those huge salaries by doing what they are supposed to do? Lets demand a cleaner city as the citizens. We don't always have to wait for someone else. Remember "be the change that you want to see"

To any organisations receiving this, please encourage your workers to wear green on Wednesday 26th August. We need to show that we care for the environment and we demand that The City Council Cleans up its act. So wear green on that day. Spread the word. Be green. Change your environment. No more dumping. No more dirt. It can happen.

Wednesday 26th August all citizens must wear green. Lets make a statement. We want a cleaner, greener city.

Marcellina Chikasha

for and on behalf of THE GREEN ZIMBOS

If anyone can sponsor an advert for this day in the Independent of this week please contact us.

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